Day 7: My Last Day in Tokyo


My trip to Japan had been a resounding success. And it got even better on the last day. I should have known and I should have anticipated the email reporting a delay in my returning Air Canada flight to Toronto. It happened before. And I’ve learned to just adjust my expectations and minimize my frustration. My flight was scheduled for a late departure and I was already trying to determine what time to catch the local Asakusa train bound for Narita Airport. The ride takes a little over an hour. I like to get to the airport at least three hours prior to takeoff. But what to do in Tokyo with the extra time while carrying heavy bags.

My flight delay notification and Google Map directions to Setagaya Literary Museum

Earlier in the week I had crossed out a couple places that I planned to visit for the lack of time. I was nervous about trying to visit them before going to the airport. But now I had extra time to spend and even enough in case I got lost. I made the decision to get to those places because they would be a great way to cap off my trip. I got excited and made arrangements to stow my bags at my hotel after my checkout. Without the burden of baggage, I headed to have lunch with Godzilla at Setagaya Literary Museum, where the Godzilla 1999 suit has been on display since the early 2000s.

Godzilla 1999 suit on display at the Setagaya Literary Museum

As my time there was wrapping up. I began figuring out how to get to my last trip destination, Toho Studios. I didn’t want to go back the way I came because it would take two hours to get there. Then I remembered Toho is in Setagaya. But there were no trains between the museum and there, only a local bus. I have been reluctant to take buses in Japan out of fear of getting lost. I started overcoming that fear during my last trip in March when the bus was the only way to get to Odo Island. Using Google maps I walked about 5 minutes to the bus stop. I checked the Japanese to be sure I was at the right spot. The bus was only a few minutes away. And after a short ride during which I tracked each stop on Google I arrived at the familiar train station from which to walk to Toho.

My trail to Toho Studios for the Heisei Godzilla statue and mural

The walk to Toho is so familiar now. I can walk it in my sleep and see it in my mind’s eye. The neighborhood is quiet and quite nice. You walk and walk until you get to the right turn down the gated slope, I like to call the “Toho Turn.” After my ritual selfie with the Heisei Godzilla statue and mural, my sightseeing was over. I headed back to my hotel in Asakusa to pick up my luggage. But with another hour to spend in Tokyo. I took a stroll through the crowed Nakamise street of Sensoji Temple.

My final hours in Japan spent at Nakamise and Sensoji Temple before returning to Narita Airport

With those final steps down Nakamise street my time has come to make my way home. It was another great trip. I’m so grateful for another unforgettable week. I’m looking forward to seeing Godzilla Minus One with my friends when I get home. My excitement over the film is bubbling over. The new entry into Godzilla movie history was so well received. Until next time I have plenty of the amazing trip experiences to cherish and share.