Godzilla -1.0 wins Oscar for Best Visual Effects

And The Winner is...

Godzilla Minus wins the Oscar for VFX


There was a great roar heard around the world last night as Godzilla Minus One (2023) won for best Visual Effects at the 2024 Oscars. Seventy years in the making and an amazing run in Japan, the U.S. and around the world, Godzilla Minus One has earned Japan’s first Academy Award at the 96th Oscars on March 10, 2024 held at the Dolby Theatre in Ovation Hollywood. Director Takashi Yamazaki and the entire team delivered an exceptional film worthy of a nomination for best foreign film if not for best film. But the most fitting category was special effects for the monster born out of the tokusatsu and special effects genius of the late SPX Director Eiji Tsuburaya. He along with Toho’s legends, Producer Tomoyuki Tanaka, Director Ishiro Honda, Director Koichi Kawakita, to name a few that have passed away, would be elated. Their painstaking work to bring Godzilla to life on the silver screen have been honored on the 70th Anniversary of Godzilla. Since the nomination was announced, the excitement for the King of the Monsters had been building among fans steadily built up on social media. It came to a crescendo with a big roar second to Godzilla’s on Sunday night. Relive this great moment in history last night. And the winner is…

Director Takashi Yamazaki’s acceptance speech

“My career began 40 years ago, after the shock of seeing Star Wars and Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind. To someone so far from Hollywood, even the possibility of standing on this stage seemed out of reach. The moment we were nominated, we felt like Rocky Balboa — welcomed into the ring as equals by our biggest rivals, which was already a miracle. But here we stand. To all the VFX artists outside Hollywood, Hollywood was listening, and this award is proof that everyone has a chance. Finally, on behalf of the cast and crew of Godzilla Minus One, I want to tell our producer, Shuji Abe, who we’ve lost too soon… We did it! Thank you so much!!”

(Source: 東宝映画情報【公式】@toho_movie)

Director Takashi Yamazaki with his Godzilla Godzilla at the Oscars 2024
ha | za | ma provided the costumes for director Takashi Yamazaki and the White Team staff of Godzilla Shoes

First: Director Takashi Yamazaki with his Godzilla Godzilla at the Oscars (Photo Credit: 東宝映画情報【公式】@toho_movie) | Second: ha | za | ma provided the costumes for director Takashi Yamazaki and the White Team staff of Godzilla Shoes (Photo Source: @MatsuiRyosuke

Godzilla Minus One will return home the crown jewel of awards back to Japan on Sunday but only after sweeping the Japan Academy Film awards, winning eight of its 12 nominations, including Best Film, Best Screenplay, Best Supporting Actress (for Sakura Ando), Best Cinematography, Best Lightning Direction, Best Art Direction, Best Sound Recording, and Best Film Editing. Minus One follows in the wake of Shin Godzilla that had similar success in 2016. The Director and nominees arrived on the red carpet carrying a golden Godzilla donning highly fashionable Godzilla footwear fit for taking the stage to receive their Oscar.

Godzilla wins Best VFX at the Oscars and Best Film in Japan!

MyKaiju Tribute to the award winning success of Godzilla Minus One

I knew this movie was special and award-winning during my first viewing of Godzilla -1.0 in Ueno Toho Theater on November 3, 2023. Congratulations to Director Takashi Yamazaki, Visual Effects Director Kiyoko Shibuya, CG director Masaki Takahashi, Compositor and Ocean Effects Creator Tatsuji Nojima, and the entire Godzilla Minus One cast and crew for a job well done.

Hero Photo Credit: Reuters