BioGoji and Biollante



“Biogoji” from 1989 “Godzilla vs. Biollante”

▲ 平成の世で怪獣となったゴジラ。右から、植物怪獣戦。未来ペットのミュータント怪獣戦。地球生命戦。機械怪獣戦。左は宇宙怪獣戦。異端の細胞と核被曝の変遷史だ。

▲ Godzilla became a monster in the Heisei era. From the right, the plant monster battle. Futuristic pet mutant monster battle. Earth Life War. Machine monster battle. On the left is a space monster battle. This is the history of changes in heretical cells and nuclear exposure.

▼ 84年に火口に封じられて以来、5年ぶりに蘇ったゴジラ、地熱エネルギーを蓄えて、さらに巨大化した。写真は地上に出る前にスキャンしたもの。

▼ Godzilla has come back to life for the first time in five years since it was sealed in a crater in 1984, and has grown even larger by accumulating geothermal energy. The photo was scanned before it left the ground.

▲ ゴジラザウルスが核エネルギーを受けてゴジラ化した課程。右がベビー、左がリトル。「ゴジラ誕生」(寺沢健一郎著)より。

▲ The process of Godzillasaurus receiving nuclear energy and becoming Godzilla. Baby on the right, little on the left. From “The Birth of Godzilla” (written by Kenichiro Terasawa).


Confirmation of Class 1 Alert System/G activities


Biollante is the name of a plant spirit that appears in Norse mythology. And now, the monster that is showing its cruel appearance in front of our eyes has a human heart. Let’s confess it, knowing that we will be criticized. I fused Godzilla cells and human cells. That’s Biollante. I wonder if Godzilla was drawn to her because he knew that this person was like his sibylline, or rather, that it was his alter ego. Moreover, that person is also the reincarnation of my daughter, Erika. My love, which turned into a monster called obsession, committed an irreparable mistake. God, I will never ask for forgiveness. (Dr. Shiragami’s confession)

ゴジラ博物館/東宝怪獸事件簿, p 130