Bags in Hand


All in One

I can strike another item off my list but I need to add a new one. After a few days of checking out bags on, I found what I believe will be a good replacement for my carry-on travel bag from previous trips. I decided upon the BANGE 35L travel expandable carry-On backpack (first). It will hold all my essential clothing, electronics and documents. In addition, upon recommendation by my friend John, I picked up the Nicgid sling bag (second) to hold my essentials when journeying across Japan. It’s perfect for my camera and iPad Air. I will set it inside the large bag and pull it out when I’m on the go. I believe in packing light with an all-in-one bag. I will buy a cheap piece of luggage in Japan for my purchases.

My all-purpose Japan travel bag
  • Tickets
  • Passport
  • Covid-19 Card
  • Rail Pass
  • Credit Cards
  • Currency
  • Itinerary
  • Travel Bag
  • Electronics
  • Pocket Wi-Fi
  • Packing
  • Mobile Apps

They are important items off my list. But I almost made a big mistake by assuming my current Covid-19 vaccination card was adequate. Friend and co-host, Kyle, gave me the link to the Visit Japan Web page with all the important vaccination and arrival requirements. I’m now waiting for my official vaccination card so I can finish all the arrival and vaccination requirements for entry into Japan. If you are going to Japan this year, you will need to register on this site and complete all the steps.

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