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科学の進歩が自然界のバランスを崩し、1匹の怪獣の長い眠りをさえぎった! より狂暴に、破壊的に復活した怪獣王・ゴジラ。今年1月15日、その巨体がついにスクリーンに再 登場する。…SOS!

Advances in science have upset the balance of nature and interrupted the long sleep of a monster! Godzilla, the monster king who has revived more violently and destructively. On January 15th this year, the giant will finally reappear on the screen. … SOS!

Godzilla Syndrome

The strongest monster in history that finally revives


Chapter One
Godzilla, its structure and power


Since the first work “Godzilla” was announced in 1954, Toho’s Godzilla series has produced numerous monster stars such as Mothra, King Ghidorah, and Godzilla’s son Minya. The original large monster Godzilla is strengthened and revived again.

身長80m (前は50mだった。30m増)体重5万トン(象1万2千頭分に値する) B69•6 W78•4 H88 (以上すべてm単位)、尾の長さ100m (5階建てのビルはひとふりでぶっ飛ばす)、握力5千5百kg万 (人間の握力の88万倍に値する)、巡行「速度、時速60㎞ (最高速度は計りきれない。 唯一、人間に近いのは、視力だが(詳細は不明) 夜行性のため、夜間での識別能力は高い。キバは一番長いもので2•5m (鋼鉄をも噛み砕く)、ツメは3•4m (厚さ1.5mのコンクリートをズタズタにさく)。最高の武器となるのは、口から 吐く放射能を含んだ熱線で、ひと吐きで戦車も溶かすパワーを持つのだ。国籍は、もちろん日本。性格は重厚。自分より大きい物は、すべて敵だと考える(動物本能か!?) 凶悪で、肉食獣である。

Height 80m (previously 50m, 30m increase) Weight 50,000 tons (worth 12,000 elephants) B69 • 6 W78 • 4 H88 (all meters units above), tail length 100m (5 stories) The building is blown away with a single stroke), grip force 55 million kg (equivalent to 880,000 times the grip force of humans), cruise “speed, speed 60 km / h (maximum speed is immeasurable). The only thing that is close to humans is visual acuity (details unknown), but because of its nocturnal nature, it has a high ability to discriminate at night. The best weapon is the heat rays that contain the radiation that he spews out from his mouth, and he has the power to melt tanks with a single shot. His nationality is, of course, Japan. The character is profound. Are all evil and carnivorous beasts (animal instinct !?).

今年の11月3日で30才となるゴジラ。(ちなみに星座蠍座) モスラに説得され、一時は正義の味方となったが、今回は違う。凶悪なる怪獣の権化として、間界を食いちらす。より壮大に恐ろしく9年ぶりの復活だ。

Godzilla will be 30 years old on November 3rd this year. (By the way, the constellation Scorpio) Mothra persuaded him to become an ally of justice at one point, but this time it’s different. As the incarnation of a vicious monster, he eats up the world. He is a more spectacular and horrifying revival for the first time in nine years.