Tsuburaya in 1965


I rarely see any video of Toho Special Effects Director Eiji Tsuburaya. But when I do, it’s a big deal for me. Here’s another clip of the Father of Japan Tokusatsu talking about Operation Robinson Crusoe King Kong vs. Ebirah (ロビンソン・クルーソー作戦 キングコング対エビラ). Originally, Godzilla vs The Sea Monster (ゴジラ・エビラ・モスラ 南海の大決闘, aka Ebirah, Horror of the Deep, released December 17, 1966 in Japan) was supposed to be a movie featuring King Kong under the title “Operation Robinson Crusoe.” Toho wanted to work with Rankin-Bass Productions (known for Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer) to produce this film around their King Kong cartoon. Although Toho’s proposal was rejected, they turned to Godzilla to battle Ebirah. (Source: Japan’s Favorite Mon-Star: The Unauthorized Biography of “The Big G” by Steve Ryfle, p. 135). In the 59-second video below, Mster Tsuburaya is seated at a table eating with others across from and besides him. He pats the table making a drum beat. Then he mentions King Kong and Mothra. He smiles and laughs and claps his hands. Also who I believe to be Assistant Special Effects Director Sadamasa Arikawa can be seen.

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Video Source: たじまんず @tajimans

Growing up, Master Tsuburaya was my hero and at the center of my Godzilla world. His picture has been set above my desk for two decades. It’s wonderful to see him in video.