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特報 秋の超弩級作品
Special News Autumn’s Super Dreadful Works

A monster from 2 million years ago appeared in Japan!!

Toho’s proud special technology photography team draws on all its intelligence.


An unprecedented science fiction movie

Autumn’s super masterpieces
Shooting starts in August


In Tokyo, it was called a “G Work,” and the original work was written by Shigeru Itai Kayama, a writer of scientific novels, and with a traditional special shadow cast led by producer Tomoyuki Tanaka and director Ishiro Honda, it was created in a top secret manner. The research has continued, and the detailed storyboard has recently been completed, and the title has been decided to be “Godzilla,” after the film’s main character, a sea species said to have been inspired by […] from two million years ago. . It has been decided that the production will begin in early August, with the aim of making it a super fall production.


Godzilla is an imaginative creation of a medium-sized animal that was in the process of evolving from a sea monster to a land monster, which was popular in the Cretaceous period, such as lovebirds and brontosaurus. This is a spectacle in which humans do everything in their power to take on this monster, which is about the size of a round building and spews radioactivity, from the air, land, and sea. It is a work in the same series as “War of the Worlds” and “King Kong,” but since it is a first attempt at a Japanese film, it is attracting attention for its success. The script will be written by Takeo Murata and Taro Honda, and the special techniques will be handled by Eiji Tsuburaya and Hiroshi Watanabe Mukaiyama of “Attack Squadron!”

本多监督 談
Director Ishiro Honda’s story


It’s a fantastic fantasy movie. I want to make a movie that is both interesting and interesting. This kind of cinematic quality is a problem, but Toho’s special technology cinematography team will use all their intelligence to solve the problem. However, the truth that drives me crazy is the psychological deformation of modern people fighting the fear below. It would be an unexpected pleasure for me to be able to explore the depths of destruction from within the fiction of a film that deeply touches the heart, and to provide some reflection.

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