Godzilla Storyboard

Toho Magazine 1954


This is the October 1954 issues of Toho (『東宝』昭和29年10月号, No 31) featuring Kyoko Aoyama (青山京子)1 on the cover. The significance and important of this issue is clear being published the month before the release of Godzilla (1954). Imagine the reaction of Japanese to the two-page spread of Godzilla storyboards (1954ゴジラ絵コンテ掲載). Nothing before had been seen on the silver screen. What was Japan about to experience? What did moviegoers have to look forward to?

Toho October Issue (東宝10月号昭) | Publisher: Tsugio Yoshikawa (吉川次男) | Editor: Yoshio Kitamura (喜多村芳夫) | Printing: Nissin Printing Paper Container Co., Ltd. (日進印刷紙器株式会社) | List price 20 yen (定価20円) | Size: B5

ゴジラ Godzilla | 東宝映画「ゴジラ」絵コンテより From the Toho movie “Godzilla” storyboard | ★ 本誌特別紙上封切 ★ 文と絵東宝関西支社宣伝課 | ★ Special release on this magazine ★ Sentences and pictures Toho Kansai Branch Advertising Section

(1) たそがれ近い太平洋…… 残光にふちどられた積乱雲の下を、近海航路の貨物船栄光丸は本土に向かつて、穏やか航海を続けている 上甲板に涼をとる非番船員の、のどかな姿 ハモニカの調べ…突如!異様な光が彼等の面を射る おどろく一同瞬間、海底から発した強烈な白熱光が全海面に輝き泡立ちもり上つた 「ワッ」と両眼を押えてぶっ倒れる船員達火だるまとなって早や沈み掛る栄光丸SOSの無電は狂気の如く…

(1) The Pacific Ocean nearing twilight… Beneath the cumulonimbus clouds fringed with afterglow, the freighter Eikou Maru sails calmly toward the mainland on a coastal route. The idyllic figure of an off-duty sailor cooling off on the upper deck The sound of the harmonica…suddenly! A strange light hits their faces. At a startling moment, an intense incandescent light emanating from the bottom of the sea shone on the entire surface of the sea, causing bubbles to rise. “Wow,” the sailors collapsed, covering their eyes. The Eikomaru SOS, which turned into a fireball and was about to sink, was silent like madness…

(2) 原爆が海底火山の爆発か原因不明の海難事件は矢つぎ早やに続出した 栄光丸救助に現場に急行した備後丸も忽発火沈没、備後丸の漂流者三名を救った大戸島の漁船もSOSの無電を残して消息不明…、東京の××船舶事務所は空前の大事故に湧き返った卓を叩いて昂奮する社長電話口でガナリ立てる新聞記者達 唯一人黙然と座っているのは東京湾水難救済会の若き所長、サルベージ船かもめ丸の船長でもある尾形秀人・・・

(2) Whether the atomic bomb was an explosion of a submarine volcano or the cause of unknown maritime accidents occurred one after another. The Bingo Maru, which rushed to the scene to rescue the Eiko Maru, suddenly ignited and sank, and the fishing boat on Odo Island that rescued the three castaways of the Bingo Maru went missing, leaving no SOS calls. Newspaper reporters who stand up at the phone line of the president who hits the desk and gets excited by the big accident. The only person sitting silently is Hideto Ogata, the young director of the Tokyo Bay Water Relief Society and the captain of the salvage ship Kamome Maru…

(3) 船の破片にすがつて辛くも生還した大戸島の漁夫政次を介抱する母親、弟新吉、村長ほか島の人々、ヘリコプタでかけつけた新聞記者萩原「…気がついた時は、もうその怪物の姿は見えなかっただ…夢じゃねェ…どうせ正直に話したって誰も信用してくれ「やしねェんだ」と政次話にならんと笑い出す萩原記者、だが老漁夫は低い声で「やつばりゴジラだ 大昔にそいつが島へ上って来た時にゃ皆殺しにあったってこった…」

(3) Odo Island fisherman Masatsugu’s mother, his younger brother Shinkichi, the village chief and other islanders, and Hagiwara, a newspaper reporter who rushed to the scene by helicopter. “…By the time I came to my senses, I couldn’t see the monster anymore…It wasn’t a dream… Anyway, even if I spoke honestly, no one would believe me.” But the old fisherman said in a low voice, “It’s Godzilla! A long time ago, when he came up to the island, it was said that everyone was slaughtered…”

(4) 厄払いの祈祷と盆踊りに更けた夜、島は猛烈な暴風雨に襲われた逆まく怒濤へシ折れる椰子、嵐の轟きの中に伝って来る或る重々しい物音 ハネ起きた新吉が荒狂う戸外に見た物は何だったか?大音響と共に瞬間家は押潰され、叫ぶ彼の前で母も兄も無残の圧死をとげたのであつた

(4) After a long night of prayers for warding off evil and Bon dance, the island is hit by a violent storm. What did Shinkichi see in the raging outdoors? In an instant, the house was crushed by a loud noise, and in front of him screaming, his mother and brother were crushed to death.
The village chief’s hard work finally moves the Diet. The day has come for the investigation team, including Dr. Yamane, an authority on paleontology, to depart from the mainland of fear and ridicule.

(5) 調査団の乗船は尾形秀人のかもめ丸 一行中に山根博士の助手として博士の愛嬢恵美子の姿の見られる事は彼尾形にとつて大きな喜び、二人は久しく恋仲であつたからだだが然し、今岸壁に手を振っ一行を見送る人々の隅に、芹沢大助の姿を見落す事は出来ない尾形とは中学以来の旧友であり、山根博士に愛される前途有為の薬物化学者である芹沢は秘かに令嬢恵美子を想っているが戦争で片目を失い半顔に鋭い傷を受ている

(5) The investigation team boarded Hideto Ogata’s Kamome Maru. It was a great pleasure for Ogata to see Dr. Yamane’s daughter Emiko as Dr. Yamane’s assistant during the party. In the corner, you can’t overlook the figure of Daisuke Serizawa. Serizawa, an old friend of Ogata since middle school and a promising medicinal chemist who is loved by Dr. Yamane, is secretly in love with her daughter Emiko, but he loses an eye in the war and suffered a sharp scar on half of his face.

(6) 悲惨な災害の大戸島調査団の田畑博士と助手達が盛んにガイガー計数管を使って測定している 島の到る所の土も水も放射能の反能を示し、殊に新吉の家の附近から発見された、何か大きな足跡にも似た窪みからは最も強烈反能が数えられた山根博士の推理は、あやしく飛躍すこれが放射能雨のせいとすれば、山向うの井戸の水が全く汚染されていないのが不思議謎を残して調査団の第一夜が暮れたその翌朝

(6) Dr. Tanabe and his assistants of the tragic disaster Odo Island investigation team are actively making measurements using the Geiger counter tube. The soil and water everywhere on the island showed radioactivity, and in particular, Yamane, who was found in the vicinity of Shinkichi’s house, had the strongest reaction from a depression resembling a large footprint. The doctor’s reasoning makes a suspicious leap. If this is due to radioactive rain, the water in the well over the mountain is completely gone. It’s strange that it’s not contaminated.

(7) 岩が動く!岩が動く! 島の入江の大きな岩、イヤ岩の様な何物かだアツと尾形にすがる恵美子・・・新吉少年が轟然ぶっ放す銃・・・消えた岩、半鐘の乱打銃、竹槍、刀・・あらゆる武器を持つて人々がかけ上る山の道その時だ!山の上の空一ぱいに、想像とケタの違う大きな怖しい動物の顔が山頂の向側からヌッと現れたゴジラだ!口には血の牛、イキのかる所はバリバリ山火事わっと散を乱しこけつまろびつ逃げる人々・・・

(7) Rocks move! Rocks move! It’s something like Iyaiwa, a big rock in an island cove. Emiko clinging to Ogata with a thud… A gun shot by the boy Shinkichi… Disappearing rocks, half-bell battering gun, bamboo spears, swords… People run up the mountain road with all sorts of weapons. It’s that time! In the sky above the mountain, a big scary animal face appeared from the other side of the mountain that was different from my imagination. Godzilla! A cow with blood in its mouth People who suddenly get confused and run away…

(8) 紀元前二百万年の巨獣が人間未踏の深い海底で、或は海底洞窟にでもひそんでいて今日まで生きながらえていたそれが水爆実験によって、その巣を破壊され、安住の地を求めて海上に現れたのが、ゴジラである 大戸島のゴジラの新しい足跡から採取した前世紀の甲殻類三葉虫、及び侏羅紀の特色を示すビフロカタス層の赤粘土がこれを証明する… 国際問題に重大関係ある山根博士のこの報告を公開すべきや否や、国会は大論戦だ

(8) Two million years ago, a giant beast, Godzilla hid in the depths of the ocean unexplored by humans, or even in an undersea cave, and survived until today. Crustacean trilobites from the last century, taken from new footprints of Godzilla on Odo Island, and red clay from the Bifrocatas layer, which is characteristic of the Jurassic period, prove this… This report by Dr. Yamane, who has important implications for international affairs, is now open to the public, should or not. The Diet is a big debate.

(9) 十隻のフリゲートが全速力で現場へ向っている 北緯〇東径度〇海上に於て又々油槽船一、貨物船一がやられたのである フリゲート上のガイガー管でゴジラの所在を探り、一斉に爆雷を投下する 凄い水煙 これを東京でテレビで見る人々 然し水爆の洗礼を受けて悠々ゴジラに果して致命傷を与える事が出来ようか 大島行遊覧 船橘丸の行手にゴジラ現る 船上ダンスパーティは大騒ぎ 乱れとぶニュース!

(9) Ten frigates headed for the scene at full speed. 1 oil tanker and 1 cargo ship were wrecked on the sea at 0 degrees north latitude east. Use the Geiger tube on the frigate to locate Godzilla and drop depth charges all at once. Great mist. People watching this on TV in Tokyo. However, can Godzilla be exposed to a hydrogen bomb and be fatally injured? Excursion to Oshima. Godzilla appears in the line of the noisy dance party boat. Turbulent news!

(10) 芹沢大助が捕虜生活中に知り合ったドイツ人の化学者洩らしたところによれば、芹沢が当時考えていた或るプランを、もし現在完成していたとするならば、今や世界注視の的である日本のゴジラ対策も、何等かの打開のが発見されるのではないか.……在スイスの特派員発信は萩原記者の編集部を緊張させた 早芹沢を実験室に訪ねて門前払いを喰った萩原は、恵美子に頼んで、芹沢の実験を探り出さうと必死に喰い下った…

(10) According to a German chemist who Daisuke Serizawa met while he was a prisoner of war, if the plan that Serizawa had conceived at the time had been completed today, it would now be the center of global attention. Japan’s countermeasures against Godzilla may also find some sort of breakthrough. News from a correspondent in Switzerland made Hagiwara’s editorial department nervous. Hagiwara, who visited Dr. Serizawa at his laboratory and was rejected, asked Emiko to desperately try to find out about Serizawa’s experiment…

(11) 萩原を伴って恵美子は芹沢を訪れた 尾形との恋を芹沢に告白してその諒解を得たいと常々考えていた彼女はこの機会を利用しようと決心したのであつた 萩原記者の質問に対して、「そりや人違いですよ第一私の研究とは方向違いな話です」とハッキリ否定し、萩原を帰らせた芹沢が、最愛の恵美子と唯二人きりの研究室で愛の告白をする代りに誰にも見せない我が実験の秘密を明かす事になつたのは何と云う運命の悪戯!

(11) Emiko visited Serizawa with Hagiwara. Having always wanted to confess her love for Ogata to Serizawa and gain her approval, she decided to take advantage of this opportunity. In response to reporter Hagiwara’s question, Serizawa categorically denied, “It’s a misunderstanding. First of all, it’s a story that goes against the direction of my research.” What a mischief of fate that instead of professing my love in the laboratory, I revealed the secret of my experiment that I never showed to anyone!

(12) 実験室の扉に内側から錠を下し厚いカーテンを引いた芹沢は、ケースの奥から、大切そうに金属製の小箱をとり出して、その魚の水槽へと近よつて行く彼は馴れた手付電線の先を小箱から取出し軽金属製のカプセル大の器械につなぎ水槽の中へ静かに沈める・・・そしてスイッチ・・・低電気音・・・芹沢はメーターと水槽を冷く見つめている息もつかずにこの光景を見てい恵美子は見る見る驚愕の色遂には「アッ」と頬を押える・・・

(12) Serizawa, who locked the laboratory door from the inside and drew a thick curtain, carefully took out a small metal box from the back of the case and approached the fish tank. He removes the end of a familiar electric wire from a small box, connects it to a light metal capsule-sized instrument, and quietly submerges it in a water tank… and a switch… a low electric noise… Serizawa cools the meter and the water tank. Gazing at this scene without being able to catch her breath, Emiko was so astonished that she pressed her cheeks with an “Ah!”

(13) 恵美子さん!貴女だからお目にかけたんです それを忘れないでねえ、絶対に秘密は守りますワ… この誓いの言葉が恵美子の頭に重くノシかつているその晩…ラジオは重大な警報を伝えた 「た、今ゴジラは品川沖第二台場へ上陸の模様附近航行中の船舶並びに沿岸地区の住民は、至急退避して下さい警戒警報発令…警報発令…」遠く近く鳴りひざくサイレン山根博士も尾形も新吉少年もとび出して行く

(13) Emiko-san! I met you because of you! Don’t forget that, definitely keep it a secret… That night when Emiko’s head was heavy with these vows… the radio broadcast a serious alarm. “Now, Godzilla is about to land at No. 2 Daiba off the coast of Shinagawa. Vessels navigating the area and residents of coastal areas should evacuate immediately. Alert issued… Warning issued…” A siren sounds near and far. Dr. Yamane, Ogata, and the boy Shinkichi jump up and run ou

(14) 鉄帽の武装警官を満載したトラックが続々と沿岸に到着する色めきたつて避難して来る住民たち…… 猛烈なしぶきをあげて海中から半身を現したのは正しくゴジラだ今まさに灯台をわんとする所沿岸から一斉に火を噴く機関銃…遂にゴジラは全貌を現した見上げるばかりの怪物降りそ、ぐ銃弾を無視しながら、建物を押倒しを踏みつぶして、品川駅構内へ悠々、侵入して来戦慄すべき世紀の巨獣…

(14) Trucks full of armored police officers arrive at the coast one after another. Residents evacuating with excitement… It is Godzilla who raised a fierce spray and revealed half of his body from the sea. The place where the lighthouse is right now. Machine guns erupting all at once from the coast… Finally, Godzilla is revealed. Ignoring the bullets, the monster just looked up, knocked down the building, trampled, and entered the Shinagawa station premises. The terrifying behemoth of the century…


OSAKA ステーションパーラー Station parlor | 喫茶・グリル Cafe/Grill | 果実・和洋菓子 Fruits, Japanese and Western sweets | 大阪駅 Osaka Station | 商店街正面 The front of the shopping street | TEL (45) 5481~5485

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(15) 東海道線笛を吹き鳴疾走して来る東京行急行列車、次第に品川駅に接近何十輌もの貨車客車を引っくり返し、ヌッと線路上に立ちはだかるゴジラ アッと叫ぶ運転手がキーッと急ブレーキだが遅い 大音響と共に急行列車はゴジラへ向ってバク進激突!転プク!将棋倒しの乗客! 大悲鳴!もうもうたる砂塵の中に猛然と怒り狂うゴジラ 咆哮しながら列車をくわえて振り回す投げ出される機関車 踏みつぶされる客車

(15) The Tokaido Line whistle is blowing on the Tokyo express train, which gradually approaches Shinagawa station. The driver yells “Ah” and suddenly brakes, but it’s too late. With a loud noise, the express train crashes back towards Godzilla! Swing the train around while roaring the locomotive thrown out and passenger car trampled.

(16) 各国の調査団は続々と羽田へ到着、対策本部に参加している品川駅附近より海に姿を消したゴジラの再来襲に備えて、「先ず海岸線一帯に高さ三十米、幅五十米の有刺鉄線を張りめぐらし五万ボルトの高圧電流を通じてゴジラ感電死をはかるゴジラも生物である以上、この強力電流には絶対に耐えられぬ筈、この鉄条網より五百米以内の住民は全部避難せしめる…」立ち退きにごった返す町々、資材運搬のトラックの大行列

(16) Investigation teams from various countries arrive at Haneda one after another and participate in the task force. In preparation for the return of Godzilla, who disappeared into the sea from the vicinity of Shinagawa Station, they said, “First, a barbed wire with a height of 30 meters and a width of 50 meters was stretched around the coastline, and a high-voltage current of 50,000 volts was applied to Godzilla to electrocute him. Since Godzilla is also a living creature, he should never be able to withstand this powerful electric current, so all residents within 500 meters of this barbed wire must be evacuated…” Towns full of evictions, large queues of trucks transporting materials

(17) 先生に引率されてバスに乗込む小学生徒、列車に乗込群衆えんえんと疎開地へ向う乗用車、バス、トラック・・・また続々と保安隊正門から出動して行く特車、野戦車砲隊、車輌隊、衛生隊、高射砲隊海岸地帯では鉄条網の大工事が着々進められているあわたしい空気の中に、又も恐怖の警報は発せられた「廿日十六時卅分現在、観音崎北方○理の海中を北西方に移動中のゴジラを発見、京浜地区は厳重なる警戒を要す」

(17) Elementary school students boarding a bus led by their teacher, passenger cars, buses, and trucks boarding a train and heading to the evacuation site in a crowd… In addition, special vehicles, field tank artillery units, and others are dispatched one after another from the main gate of the National Guard. Vehicle Corps, Medical Corps, and Anti-aircraft Gun Corps Construction of barbed wire fences is progressing steadily in the coastal area. In the dark air, another alarm of terror has been sounded. “As of 16:00 on the 2nd, we discovered Godzilla moving northwest in the sea of northern Kannonzaki, and the Keihin region requires strict vigilance.”

(18) 山根博士邸恵美子を横に博士が尾形と言い争っている「ゴジラを電気で殺す?とんでもない!あの世界に唯一つの貴重な生物を殺すとは何事だ」「先生、だからと言つあの狂暴な水爆の落し子を放っておく事は出来ません」「その水爆の放射能を受け乍尚且つ生きている生命の秘何故解こうとはしないのだ!放してくれ!老先の短い俺だ死んでもい、ゴジラの秘密だけは知りたいのだ!頼む、行かせて呉れ!」

(18) Dr. Yamane Emiko is standing next to Dr. Ogata arguing with Ogata. “Sensei, that’s why I can’t leave that ferocious spawn of a hydrogen bomb alone.” “Why don’t you try to unravel the secret of life that survived the radioactivity of that hydrogen bomb and is still alive! I don’t want to die, I just want to know Godzilla’s secret! Please, let me go!”

(19) 芝浦附近四辺をうかい乍ら遂に上陸し来るゴジラ次第に鉄条網に近づく鳴りをひそめた戦車砲が、重砲が静かに目標に向けられてゆく激しくブザーが鳴って、高圧電流のスキツチがサツと入れられた瞬間バリバリと鉄条網に手をかけるゴジラ忽ち物凄い火花、もうもうたる白煙咆え暴れるゴジラだが白煙の消えた後には鉄条網を寸断したゴジラが形相すごく立つているあたりを焼きつ白熱線を吐きながら・・・

(19) Godzilla finally comes ashore while wandering around Shibaura. Gradually approaches the barbed wire fence. A low-pitched tank cannon and heavy artillery are quietly aimed at the target. The buzzer sounds violently, and the instant a high-voltage electric scoop is inserted, Godzilla bursts into action against the barbed wire fence. Suddenly, a tremendous spark, white smoke roars, and Godzilla rampages. But after the white smoke disappeared, with the the barbed wire cut to pieces. Godzilla stands tall, while spitting out incandescent rays that burn the area…

(20) 燃える町々を尻目に、あらゆる建物を踏み倒し押倒し銀座方面へ向って歩き出すゴジラ 国道上に砲列を敷いたタンク十輌に襲いかり一台をワシづかみ握りつぶし五六台を蹴ちらしガッと吐きかけ熱線黒焦げになる乗員、真っ青になった対策本部へ各地区から続々火災の報告死の街と化した南東京一帯 スキヤ橋を踏み砕き議事堂の一部を踏つぶしたゴジラは遂にテレビの大鉄塔を飴の様に折曲げる アナウンサーの絶叫

(20) Looking down at the burning towns, Godzilla starts walking towards Ginza, knocking down every building. Ten tanks with artillery laid out on the national highway were attacked, one was grabbed, one was squashed, the five-six were kicked, and the crew was charred by the heat rays. The whole area of South Tokyo turned into a city of death. Godzilla, who crushed the Sukiya Bridge and part of the Diet Building, finally bent the TV tower like candy. Scream of announcer

(21) 北東の空をつんざいてジェット戦闘機隊の急襲激しいロケット砲の痛烈な攻撃「ヤッちまえッ」と叫ぶ地上の人々だが然し、悠々ゴジラは二三機を叩き落し、一声夜空を震わせ、海面を白光に輝かし、小山の様なうねりを残して海中に没し去った・・・・一夜にして変り果てた炎と煙の町々病院からあふれる程の重傷患者のうめき声泣声、悲惨な混乱の中で甲斐々々しく働く恵美子かけ込んで来尾形は痛ましく眺め廻す

(21) The jet fighters pierce the sky to the northeast. The fierce attack of rocket artillery, sink into the sea, leaving behind swells like small mountains… Cities in flames and smoke transformed overnight. Emiko works energetically amidst the grief and chaos of seriously injured patients overflowing from the hospital. Running in, Ogata pitifully looks around

(22) 病室の裏階段で恵美子と尾形「私もう黙ってみてはいられません絶対に口外しないと芹沢さんに約束した事があるのですが私その約束を「破ります」と恵美子が告白したのはあの日の芹沢の研究室の怖ろしい光景…水中の酸素を一瞬にして破壊し尽しゆ生物を窒息死させ、然も液化させてしまう恐しい化学薬品、オキシジェン・デストロイヤーの実態であった然し芹沢は呪うべき此薬品の完成絶対の秘密にしているのだ

(22) Emiko and Ogata on the back stairs of the hospital room. “I can’t keep quiet anymore. I promised Mr. Serizawa that I would never tell him.” But Emiko confessed that she would break that promise. Oxygen Destroyer, a terrifying chemical that suffocates and liquefies living things that destroy them completely, but Serizawa keeps it an absolute secret.

(23)「芹沢頼む!オキシジエンデストロイヤーを使わせて呉れ」尾形の懇望を聴いた芹沢の射る様な視線が傍らの恵美子に注がれた 泣き乍ら裏切りの罪を詫び詫び乍ら、哀願する恵美子へ「断るツ」冷く叫んだ芹沢が、実験装置目がけて振りかぶった斧は尾形の頭を傷つけた ハツと自制を取戻した芹沢は「許して呉れ尾形、だがよく聞いといて呉れ 俺がこのオキシジェンデストロイヤーを公表出来ない理由はこうなのだ…………」

(23) “Serizawa, please! Let me use the Oxygen Destroyer.” Hearing Ogata’s plea, Serizawa’s piercing gaze was directed at Emiko who was beside her. Apologizing for her betrayal while weeping, Serizawa coldly shouted “I refuse” to the pleading Emiko. He swung an ax at the experimental device hurt Ogata’s head. Serizawa, who regained self-restraint, said, “Forgive me, Ogata, but please listen carefully.” This is the reason why I can’t publicize this Oxygen Destroyer…”


(24) “If this terrifying destructive power became known to the world, the politicians of each country would surely jump on it and confront each other as a threatening weapon that would drive mankind to the brink of destruction. Isn’t it our duty as humans to add this new weapon of terror on top of that!” At that moment, Serizawa’s eyes saw the sight of poor mothers carrying infants, carrying heavy burdens, and silently evacuating with infants by the hands of an endless procession of refugees…


(25) · For a moment, Serizawa did not move, as if he had met a golden chorus. When I took out the research materials, I decided to throw it into the stove. Emiko learns of Serizawa’s determination, and Ogata feels heartbroken. “Serizawa!” “Forgive me!” “I’m here, Emiko-san. This is the blueprint that must never be handed over to the devil…”

(26) · かもめ丸甲板山根博士恵美子、新吉ほか報道陣に囲まれた芹沢と尾形、「いるゾこの直下だ」の報告に立上る芹沢「俺に潜水服を着せて呉れ」「何を云うか素人が潜水服着て何が出来る」「いや俺ひとりで沢山だ!」「よしッでは一緒に入ろう」・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ 運命のオキシジェンデストロイヤーを抱えた芹沢と尾形は固唾のむ人々に送られて魔獣待つ海底へ!世紀の瞬間は来た!秘かに期する所ある芹沢の腰に光るジャックナイフー

(26) Dr. Emiko Yamane on the deck of Kamome Maru, Shinkichi and other reporters surrounded by Serizawa and Ogata. “Put me in a diving suit.” “What can an amateur do in a diving suit?” “No, I’m alone!” “Okay, let’s go in together.” Holding the fateful Oxygen Destroyer, Serizawa and Ogata are sent to the bottom of the sea by the people who hold their breath and wait for the monsters! The moment of the century has come!

The Monster of the Century! “Godzilla” Raids Toho Kinuta Studios


An amphibian sleeping in the deep sea of the Pacific two million years ago, a huge monster as large as Maru Building, rises to the surface of the sea due to a hydrogen bomb test and lands on the mainland of Japan in this unprecedented science fiction film. This Godzilla first crushes the Maritime Self-Defense Force off the coast of Shinagawa, and is frightening enough to fend off tanks and heavy artillery shells. The idea is to roam everywhere while spitting out radioactive flames, so for the filming of that spectacle scene, Toho’s special technical team, which is the pride of the Japanese film industry, is sweating profusely.


Godzilla itself was created by combining the forms of dinosaurs and brontosaurus, which are said to have lived in the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods, which are recorded in the records, and adding the condition that it is an animal that is evolving from marine to terrestrial mammals. In the actual production, plastic was used, and the props were hit, but the actor who moves this Godzilla fits into a stuffed plastic costume in the heat, so this hidden star must be no ordinary job.

★ スタッフ ★ Staff
製作 Produced by … 田中 友幸 Tomoyuki Tanaka
原作 Original work … 香山 滋 Shigeru Kayama
脚本 Screenplay … 村田 武雄 Takeo Murata
監督 Director … 玉井 正夫 Masao Tamai
特影 Special effects … 山田 一夫 Kazuo Yamada
美術 Art Director … 中古 智 Satoshi Chuko
特殊技術 SPX … 円谷 英二 Akira Watanabe 渡辺 明 Akira Watanabe 向山宏 Hiroshi Mukaiyama
録音 Recording … 岸田九一郎 Kuichiro Kishida

★ キャスト ★ Cast
山根恭平 Kyohei Yamane … 志村喬 Takashi Shimura
山根 惠美子 Emiko Yamane … 河内子 Kawachiko
尾形秀人 Ogata Hideto … 宝田明 Takarada Akira
芹沢大助 Daisuke Serizawa … 平田昭彦 Akihiko Hirata
萩原 Hagiwara … 堺左千夫 Sachio Sakai
田畑博士 Dr. Tanabe … 村上冬樹 Fuyuki Murakami
船舶会社々長 Head of shipping companies … 小川虎之助 Toranosuke Ogawa
老漁夫 Old fisherman … 高堂国典 Kokuten Kodo


秋に奏てる楽しいメロデイー A pleasant melody played in autumn | LP. ドーナツツ盤(新發賣) LP. Donut Edition (new release) | コロムビア 3スピード電蓄・プレャー・ラジオ 簡易分割拂を御利用下さい | Columbia 3-speed battery/play/radio Please use the simple division rule | 梅田新道北 North of Umeda New Road | 薪級酒店 Firewood Liquor Store | 大包楽秀店 Daobao Lexiu Store | ドリス • ディ Doris Day | 35-1256 45-7551

COFFEE 静かな喫茶室 Quiet tea room MOKO | OS劇場南側 TEL豐崎(37)3869 South side of OS Theater TEL Tomozaki (37) 3869

I was stoked to find this surprising piece of Godzilla history. I can only imagine the reaction and great anticipation of the Toho magazine readers in 1954 for the gigantic monsters about to arrive in Japan.


1. Kyoko Aoyama was born on 23 November 1935 in Tokyo, Japan. She was an actress, known for I Live in Fear (1955), Ronin ichiba – Asayake tengu (1960) and Kuchizuke (1955). She was previously married to Akira Kobayashi. She died in 2020. (Source: IMDb)