Reprint of Godzilla 1954 script
【ゴジラ】最終決定稿台本 1954 (第4稿)
[Godzilla] decision draft script 1954 (fourth draft)

Today is the most significant box day to date. After nervously waiting seven hours for a Yahoo Japan auction to close, the catch of my dreams, the ゴジラ 1954 script, was realized. Several months ago I began meticulously recording the Japanese closed captions of the film, but I had to stopped because of gaps and inconsistencies. I had the original Godzilla novel but that of course does not follow the film. And two weeks ago there it was, an reprint of the original script. Now it is in my hands.

This is the fourth draft of Godzilla 1954. The cover is famous known for its typeface design; the title ゴジラ is set in dripping red blood. 【ゴジラ】最終決定稿台本…。表紙に赤い血をイメージした書体デザインで有名な脚本です。