Ten Days and Counting


As the blog post title says, ten days and counting. A week from Sunday I’ll be headed to Japan. Everyday is a step away and there’s something to do each day. Yesterday, my DJI Osmo Mobile 6 iPhone gimbal that should help me take better shots and videos of Tokyo. Incredible reviews of Godzilla Minus One poured yesterday. Then this morning Toho dropped a new trailer. Check it out.

Today, I drilled down on what I’m taking. I will have one travel backpack with a daily shoulder back inside. The smaller bag is for the stuff I need in my seat aboard the plane. The backpack will be stowed in the overhead cabinet. Because I only have carry-on luggage, I can avoid baggage claims and save time getting to my hotel, especially if my flight is delayed. I always make a packing list. But this year I created a visual list so I can see and evaluate everything I’m taking. I always feel like I have too many in my smaller daily travel bag. And my big bag got disorganized. Now seeing each item for each bag I better organize and group items more easily. For example, I need a container for all my toiletries/amenities. Then I can take out what I need when going around Japan. My travel bag essentials include my passport, wallet, rail pass, metro card, iPhone/iPad, pocket wifi, pen, earphones, tissues, hand sanitizer, snacks, toothpick, a small trash bag and a bag for coins.

My bags and items for Japan
My travel bags and sample items for Japan

I created my standard travel pdf with a copy of all my important documents. I update it regularly. I’ve started familiarizing myself with using an iPhone. Over the next few days I will install the best apps for a trip to Japan. I will start packing my bags on Sunday allowing me to decide on what is too much and should be left home. I always imagine a nice thin and light backpack but it never works out that way, lol.