Snow is blowing into the northeast corridor over the next couple days and before everything gets shutdown a part box day rolls in. Box Days are the best days. Boxes opened, pictures taken, shelves stocked, and lists checked off. First up, the vintage Showa Asahi Sonorama All Monsters Attack with flexible record (怪獣総進撃 ソノシート) from Mandarake. My Sonoroma collection is growing. This book is full of illustrations across 14 pages (which include the inside and back covers). I’m working on the translation and a digital recording of the record. Coming soon!

怪獣総進撃 ソノシート

Later this afternoon, the X-Plus 30cm Angilas arrives from Flossie’s Gifts courtesy of John from kaijuaddicts.com. Angilas is well-detailed and painted as the 25cm. The closed mouth and positioning of the tail mark it off from its smaller counterpart. It will be great taking more shots of this beast. This is the first of the Diamond releases scheduled over the year. This is a chance for those of us who missed the original releases to play catchup.

X-Plus 30cm Angilas

For a full review of this stellar figure check out KaijuAddicts.com