Show off with special technology


Show off with special technology!

“Earth Defense Force” (Toho)

New Movie


A fantasy film about the Mysteroids who survived the planet Mysteroid, which was destroyed in the Atomic and Hydrogen Bomb War 5,000 years ago, and who came to conquer Earth. Only Toho, who made “Godzilla” and “Rodan,” will show it with special technology (Eiji Tsuburaya) this time.


The Mysterian builds a spherical stronghold at the foot of Mt. Fuji in Japan. In this way, they try to compete with earthlings flying artificial satellites and buying land on Mars.


The Mysterians say that at first they are just for peace, but soon they show their ambition to invade the earth. Therefore, it’s a good story because the world is going to be organized, with Japan at the center, calling on the world, including the United States, to create an Earth Defense Force


This is where our country’s defense forces play an active role. Various unusual weapons have appeared, and it has become a full-fledged movie of the Defense Corps. Because it is a large screen with colors, the effect is great.


The Defense Corps and the Mysterian Army fight hard, but their opponents are formidable. One after another, he tries to fight with new weapons, but it doesn’t go well. Someday, we were able to win thanks for the earthling scientist who infiltrated the Mysterian interior.


In the end, it seems that the defense force itself is strong and won, but it seems that it is thanks to the spy. The production (Honda Ishiro) in this area is a little unclear.