Short-lived plans Heisei edition



Toho special effects movie short-lived plans Heisei edition


Although the “Godzilla movie” ended in 1975, Tomoyuki Tanaka, the planner, was always active with a view to its revival. Here, I would like to introduce the ones that lead to “Heisei Godzilla” and their derivatives from the “phantom project” built to advance Toho special effects movies. Therefore, strictly speaking, many of the ideas were planned during the Showa period.


Released in 1984, Godzilla was a project that Tomoyuki Tanaka had been working on since 1975. There are many people who have been involved in that, and their directions are wide-ranging. Tanaka first planned the project based on the script submitted to Iwao Mori in 1955 by Hideo Kaimari, envisioning a sequel to Godzilla’s Raids Again, and Godzilla’s Bride? Promoting, creating a plot.


“Godzilla’s Resurrection” (Ryuzo Nakanishi) Scriptwriter Ryuzo Nakanishi was ordered to plot, and three drafts were created. Based on Tanaka’s request, “Godzilla’s Bride?” The content is to create an artificial female Godzilla and develop Godzilla countermeasures, inheriting the setting of the underground cavern, and a large swarm of blood-sucking fleas appear in Tokyo. In the third draft, a non-artificial female Godzilla appears.

『KING of MONSTERSゴジラの復活』(村尾昭、中西隆三)いったん凍結された『ゴジラの復活』を再検討、脚本家の村尾昭によって再構成されたプロットである。1977年の作業のようで、物語は各種作戦が錯綜する人類対ゴジラに集約されている。大洞窟の設定は生きているがメスゴジラの登場はなくなり、ゴジラに寄生する吸血ダニには、ショッキュラという名がついている。プロットは第3稿まであり、最終的には三変化する中国の怪獣バガンと3種のスーパーウエポンがゴジラと対決するという内容。監督には、福田純が予定されていた。

“KING of MONSTERS Godzilla’s Resurrection” (Akira Murao, Ryuzo Nakanishi) This is a re-examination of the once-frozen “Godzilla’s Resurrection,” and a plot reconstructed by screenwriter Akira Murao. It seems to be a work of 1977, and the story is concentrated on mankind vs. Godzilla where various operations are complicated. The setting of the cavern is alive, but the appearance of female Godzilla has disappeared, and the blood-sucking tick that parasitizes Godzilla is named Shokkura. The plot has three drafts, and in the end, the three-changing Chinese monster Bagan and three types of super weapons face off against Godzilla. Jun Fukuda was scheduled to direct.


■ Based on what was discussed at the “Godzilla Revival Conference” hosted by Tanaka on February 4, 1978, plots were ordered from science fiction writers and related parties. At this point, it seems that the release of the new work was conscious of the 50th anniversary of Toho’s founding in 1982.


“Godzilla” (Taku Mayumura) is a sci-fi writer’s grand plot involving the intentions of ancient aliens. Godzilla is set to appear for the first time after marine pollution, and Godzilla is trying to convey something to mankind as an intelligent being. Furthermore, the possibility of artificial life was also given, and it was a work that redefined the significance of its existence from the ground up.


“Resurrection of Godzilla” (Ryu Mitsuse) A plot based on the premise that Godzilla was a creature that appeared from a spaceship that flew to the earth in the Cretaceous period of the Mesozoic era and wiped out all the dinosaurs. Since then, Godzilla has continued to show his majesty at key points in human history and in various civilizations, and Godzilla appears even today. Godzilla manipulates creatures, including humans, with hallucinations, causing humans around the world to meet their end like a lemming. Godzilla was an alien force with a base on Venus.


“Godzilla, Great Revival!” (Shinichi Sekizawa) A plot commissioned by the leading actor of “Showa Godzilla,” a daring story featuring TV station producer Azuma as the main character. Higashi happens to meet an old man named Dr. Shiratsuka in Aokigahara while covering the program he is in charge of. With the financial support of a certain organization, the doctor was conducting an experiment to revive Godzilla, who had been hit by a meteorite and was in a state of suspended animation. And, at the end of the offensive and defensive battle between Azuma and the group’s agents who do not allow Godzilla’s abuse, Godzilla is revived.


Title unknown (Akira Toyama) Two plots by Toyama, an employee of the Tokyo Shimbun and one of the attendees of the “Godzilla Revival Conference.” The content is that Godzilla and a flying saucer are discovered in a cave during the investigation of the JAL aircraft that crashed at the foot of Mt. Fuji. The other is the introduction that Godzilla has appeared in the ruins of the Mayan civilization and the pyramids of Egypt. It was a deployment to discover Godzilla, flying saucers, and ancient ruins.


“The Godzilla” (Tetsu Nikaido) A plot written by Tetsuji Nakagawara, a subordinate of Tanaka, under a pseudonym. With the theme of prehistoric civilization, Godzilla is interpreted as the “great flood” of “Noah’s Ark” and portrayed as a destroyer of civilization.


“The Resurrection of the Revived Demon Godzilla” (Satoshi Nikaido, Yoshinobu Hirayanagi) A plot in which Godzilla appears in Pegasus City, which is managed by a computer, and confronts mankind.


■ Although it is in the flow of the “Godzilla Revival Conference,” it is a project proposal commissioned by SF writer Yoshio Aramaki, who has a different color from Mayumura and Mitsuse. The time is 1979, a little later.

『 God’s Godzilla神々のゴジラ』(荒巻義雄)新しさをなによりも重視したプロット。第三次世界大戦下の1980年代、宇宙の意識的存在が甦らせた怪獣であるゴジラは、意識体の使いであるヒューマノイドに操られて最後の審判における破壊の神として活動する。

“God’s Godzilla” (Yoshio Aramaki) A plot that emphasizes newness above all else. In the 1980s during World War III, Godzilla, a monster revived by the conscious existence of the universe, is a user of consciousness. Manipulated by a humanoid, he acts as the God of Destruction in the Last Judgment.


“Super Godzilla-The Angry Messenger of the Gods” (Yoshio Aramaki) is a 10-chapter short story, centered on Professor Richard, who claims that the gods lived on the earth in the Jurassic period, and the world of 199X. Ancient ruins and UFOs are entwined, and a Jurassic super monster created by the gods, Super Godzilla, appears in the Nazca Plain.


A collaborative project that Henry G. Saperstein, an American producer who was at the center of the planning of “Invasion of Astro-Monster” and “Frankenstein Conquers The World,” approached Toho in 1977-1978. The project itself is recognized as a “Japan-US collaboration Godzilla,” but around 1980 the project spread and it seems that concrete exchanges including a budget proposal have been made. Saperstein wanted the initiative of the production to be on the American side, so in the end he did not come to an agreement with Toho. However, Supperstein’s move would later lead to Tristar’s “GODZILLA.”


“Godzilla’s Wrath” Supperstein’s joint project is said to have had four scripts, including six stories and two of Nakanishi and Murao’s “Godzilla’s Revival.” Among them, “Godzilla’s Wrath” seems to have been influential, and it is said that Godzilla is involved in a battle to scramble for a meteorite with a powerful energy, set in North America, Central America, and South America.


■”Godzilla Story Wanted!” was developed in 1985, and 4 honorable mentions and 3 semi-honorable works were selected, and finally came to fruition as “Godzilla Biollante.” Here, we will introduce plans that were considered other than Shinichiro Kobayashi’s “Godzilla vs. Biollante.”


“Godzilla Legend Asuka’s Fortress Gekiga-Style Adventure S・F” Shinichi Sekizawa) Tatsuo Kobayashi’s semi-honorable work “Godzilla vs. Giant Robot Army” was embellished and scripted by Sekizawa, and was considered for release in 1991. It is said that there was also a case. The central command computer “Asuka” confronts Godzilla using the mobile fortress “Tetra” and the unmanned helicopter “Giro,” but “Asuka,” who has even created human clones, has other intentions……. This script has up to the third draft, and the title of the third draft is “Godzilla 3 Destruction, Asuka’s Fortress.”


“SOS Japan! Godzilla Special Attack Operation” (Hiroyasu Yamaura) Separately from the work of “Story Wanted!”, Tanaka was ordered and the plot was created. Titan aliens from the 25 stars of the galaxy demand Japan for their survival, and Gigan and the transparent monster Chameregon attack. For some reason, the main character’s name is Ichimonji Hayato.


“Two Godzillas – Japan SOS!!” Appearance, Godzilla Jr. also appears. The two Godzillas land in Japan, and scientific countermeasures are taken centered on Dr. Yoshifumi Senkane.There is a high possibility that it is a plot of “Godzilla’s son.”


“Godzilla vs Super Weapon” The author’s unknown plot seems to have the idea of Godzilla and Mecha clashing, but the details are unknown.

『ゴジラ宇宙に行くGODZILLA IN SPACE』(宍戸正)洋画の字幕監督、宍戸によるプロット。こちらも、詳しい内容は不明となっている。

“GODZILLA IN SPACE” (Tadashi Shishido) Plot by Shishido, subtitle director of foreign film. Again, the details are unknown.


After the release of “Godzilla vs. Biollante,” Tanaka envisioned the revival of Mothra, the monster star next to Godzilla. Therefore, it seems that Toho’s monster movie following “vs Biollante” was shifted to the “Mothra route” and later merged with “Godzilla.” After brushing up the Bagan that appeared in Murao’s version of “Resurrection of Godzilla,” Toyama first created a plan for “Mothra vs Bagan.”


“Mothra vs. Bagan” A review paper written by Kazuki Omori in April 1990 following “vs Biollante.” The content is about clashes in Southeast Asia, and Miki Saegusa also makes an appearance.


“Micro Super Battle Godzilla vs Gigamos” (Koichi Kawakita, Minoru Yoshida, Marie Terunuma) 1990 plot, so-called “Kawakita group” idea. Gigamos is a giant insect monster, and there was a development that used a microscopic human to capture Godzilla’s nuclear reaction from within.


As an enemy monster of Mothra project, Bagan with the concept of a monster was a good match. Although it never made it into the movie, Bagan was designed by Minoru Yoshida and saw the light of day as a new monster for video games.


It was decided that Toho’s monster line would continue with the “Godzilla movie,” and Omori immediately created the plot for “Mothra vs. Godzilla.” However, the December 1991 release was “Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah.” From here until December 1995, one “Godzilla movie” will be released each year, and in the meantime, several ambitious project ideas have been created.


It is a project for the next work of “King Ghidorah Raids Again” and “vs King Ghidorah,” an idea from 1991. The futuristic King Ghidorah was repelled by Godzilla, but this time the space super monster King Ghidorah appears.


“Godzilla vs Ghost Godzilla” (Shogo Tomiyama) A plan created in 1994, in which the residual energy of Godzilla who fell in 1954 appeared and possessed Little Godzilla, becoming a vicious monster and trying to steal Godzilla’s body.


“Godzilla vs Godzilla” (Kazuki Omori) Plot based on Toyama’s plan. Godzilla’s bones summon Godzilla’s soul, and a ghostly aurora Godzilla appears and possesses Little Godzilla. Godzilla creates a new mutated Godzilla Defeated and met its end in Tokyo Bay by Neo Oxygen Destroyer. However, the energy of the original Godzilla appears as Crystal Godzilla this time, and it collides with Little (whose form is Godzilla) revived by Miki.


“Godzilla vs. Barbaroy” (Okahideki) claims that Godzilla should have died of natural causes, and Barbaroy, an ancient creature mutated by the influence of the Oxygen Destroyer, appears. It is Junior Godzilla who defeats Barbaroy in place of Godzilla who dies due to his lifespan. Gotengo was also supposed to appear as Super XIII.


In the “Millennium Series,” before the release of “Godzilla x MechaGodzilla,” until the early winter of 2002, when producing the next work, Mothra was supposed to be selected and proceeded.


It seems that the details of “Godzilla x Mothra” have not been worked out, but the director of the next work will be Masaaki Tezuka, partly because “MechaGodzilla” is doing well, and Tezuka strongly hoped for a sequel to Kiryu. Mothra seems to have become a guest performer.

Source: ゴジラ&東宝特撮 Official Mook