Seeing Godzilla for the first time



The first time I saw Godzilla was when I was in the fifth grade of elementary school. It all started when the president of my agency at the time lent me a DVD and said, “You should watch old Godzilla movies.” That’s when I saw the first black-and-white movie, Godzilla.


It was my first time watching a black-and-white movie, but I was struck by the unique power it had that wasn’t there in color. I also remember being surprised by the story’s depiction of post-war society.


This time, there were many Godzilla fans among the cast and staff who co-starred with us. Some people saw Godzilla being attacked and cried, saying, “I feel so bad.” We learned a lot about the appeal of Godzilla, including what is the origin of his deep attachment to Godzilla. I believe that my experience of watching the original Godzilla and what the people who co-starred with me taught me led to my understanding of “Godzilla -1.0.”