Searching for Shin Godzilla


Predicting movement in the sea and searching a wide range of seas

いよいよ攻撃という、まさにその時、逃げ遅れた住民発見の一報がよきみこ入る。発射命令を迫る余貴美子演はなもりれいこ じる花森麗子防衛大臣。「自衛隊の弾を国民に向ける事は出来なおおすぎれんおおこうちきよつぐい!』大杉漣演じる大河内清次内閣総理大臣の判断は攻撃中止であった。一方、第3形態へ変化したゴジラは海へと戻っていった。この行動は、ゴジラが自身の熱を制御しきれなかったためと推察された。

At that time, the attack, the news of the discovery of the inhabitants who were late to escape, came in. Kimiko Yo, who is pressing for a launch order, is played by Reiko Hanamori, the Minister of Defense of Japan. “It is not possible to direct the bullets of the Self-Defense Forces to the people!” The decision of Prime Minister Seiji Okouchi, who plays Ren Osugi, was that the attack was canceled. It was speculated that this behavior was due to Godzilla’s failure to control his own heat.


The search for Godzilla begins immediately. It’s a wide sea. They have to guess a certain amount. It is reported that it is lurking off Kanaya and near the Boso Peninsula in Chiba, and the monitoring system will be expanded from Sagami Bay to off Chiba. However, if hidden in the Sagami Trough, it is hopeless to find it. SH-600K and four escort vessels are searched for quick discovery.

巨大不明生物特設災害対策本部「巨災対」が編成され、巨大不 明生物はゴジラと名付けられた。自衛隊も再上陸に対して準備を進める。上陸直前の水際作戦は配備する時間に問題がある。そこで上陸箇所の想定別に複数の作戦案が用意された。

The Giant Unknown Organism Special Disaster Countermeasures Headquarters “Great Disaster Countermeasures” was organized, and the giant unclear creature was named Godzilla. The Self-Defense Forces will also prepare for the re-landing. There is a problem with the time to deploy the waterfront operation just before landing. Therefore, multiple strategy plans were prepared according to the assumption of the landing site.

そして、再びゴジラが鎌倉に姿を現す。最後に報告された姿の2 倍の大きさになって……。

And Godzilla reappears in Kamakura. It’s twice as big as the one reported last …

Confidential 11

What is GOJIRA?


“GODZILLA” is the name given by Professor Makimoto in the US Department of Energy and Energy (DOE). “GOJIRA” written on the envelope is read as “Godzilla”, which is the etymology of the name given in the United States.


In the movie, it is explained as a word meaning “incarnation of God” in Odo Island, the hometown of the former professor, but it uses the setting that appeared in the movie “Godzilla” that was screened in 1954. By the way, Odo Island is a fictitious island.

Source: シン・ゴジラ機密研究読本 (p 18)