Shin Godzilla World Residents


第三章 日本における危機管理システム
Chapter 3 Crisis Management System in Japan

Confidential 89

Shin Godzilla World Residents

ゴジラ侵攻ルートと放射線量上昇ポイントが一致。ゴジラは放射能を持っている。巨災対がその結論に達した頃、すでにネットは大 騒ぎだった。原子力規制庁は公表を控えていると言っていたが、線量は民間でも測定可能。ネットで一気に線量上昇の情報が広がった ためだ。ちなみにキーワード14位は庵野夫妻の愛猫2匹の名前、19位は奥様、安野モヨコさんの作品「働きマン」の主人公名だ。

The Godzilla invasion route and the radiation dose increase point match. Godzilla has radioactivity. By the time the catastrophe pair reached that conclusion, the internet was already in a fuss. The Nuclear Regulatory Authority said it was refraining from publishing, but the dose can be measured by the private sector. It is for him that the information on the dose increase spread at once on the net. By the way, the 14th place is the name of the two cats of Mr. and Mrs. Anno, and the 19th place is the main character name of the work “Hataraki Man” by his wife, Moyoco Anno.


Tokyo Owata !! It’s a capital relocation.

巨大不明生物と放射線量の関連はまだ分かってないんだから 願いでもしょうがないのになぁ。。。。

The relationship between the giant unknown organism and the radiation dose is not yet known, so I can’t help but wish…


It seems that the cause of the increased radiation dose is unknown.

Source: シン・ゴジラ機密研究読本 (p 103)