Original “Godzilla” revival



Original “Godzilla” revival


Producing new movies/series
Japanese version, aiming to be released in 2016


It was revealed on the 7th that a new movie in the popular monster movie “Godzilla” series will be produced for release in 2016. This will be the first time a Japanese version of Godzilla has been produced since “Godzilla Final Wars” released in 2004. Toho said, “We have received the enthusiastic feedback from fans for the revival. We hope to begin production from next summer onwards.”


The series, which Toho produced 20 films, celebrated 60 years since the first film was released in November. In July, the American Hollywood-produced movie “Godzilla” was released in Japan and became a huge hit. It has also been decided that a Hollywood sequel will be produced, scheduled to be released in the United States in 2018.


Toho has also decided to install a life-sized object of Godzilla’s head, “Godzilla Head,” on the outdoor terrace of the 8th floor of the “Shinjuku Toho Building” currently under construction in Tokyo. It is scheduled to be unveiled in April next year. The terrace is located about 40 meters from the ground, and the tall Godzilla head, which is about the same height as Godzilla, overlooks the city, so the first King of Monsters can be seen in Shinjuku and Kabukicho.



An image of the “Godzilla Head” installed on the outdoor terrace on the 8th floor of the “Shinjuku Toho Building” currently under construction in Tokyo (provided by Toho)