My X-Plus


It’s been almost one year since I begun actively collecting Godzilla toys again. It’s also been one year since I purchased my first X-Plus vinyl figure.

X-Plus figures are exception among Godzilla collectibles because of the level of accuracy and detail when it comes to reproducing Godzilla in his various appearances. They are also unique in size. Resin and PVC garage kits have been the exception. X-Plus provide great quality, a good price without the intensive labor required for kits.

My collection is building and here is my active checklist in the order of acquisition. It is through Diamond waves/re-issues that I come by X-Plus 30cm Series. X-Plus 25cm Series are harder to come by and required ebay, Japanese web sites, or shopping in Japan.

X-Plus 30cm Series


X-Plus 25cm Series


X-Plus Gigantic Series