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From here, let’s finally look back on the history of the destruction and clashes of monsters that have appeared on this earth. The place name above the title is the crash point of the monsters. The finish in the win/loss column means the deciding factor of the battle.



Godzilla Attacks Tokyo
The resurrected giant monster threat!

I 怪獣復活
I Kaiju Resurrection


Since the appearance of Godzilla in 1954, giant monsters have appeared one after another. Humans are just amazed.


The first giant monster that appeared in front of humans was the original Godzilla.


Godzilla is a gigantic creature that has been handed down as a terrifying monster that lives in the Izu Islands and Odo Island, but for a while it seems to have fallen asleep in an undersea cave.


However, due to the repeated hydrogen bomb tests in this sea area, it turned into an even more ferocious monster, wearing a terrifying radiation flame and going wild. But we must not forget that it was we humans who woke him up and turned him into a monster…


① 海の怪物•ゴジラの伝説をつたえる伊豆諸島の大戸島にやってきた調査団のまえに、ゴジラははじめてそのすがたあらわした!

① Monster of the Sea Godzilla first appeared in front of the investigative team who came to Odo Island in the Izu Islands, where the legend of Godzilla is passed down!

② ゴジラは2度にわたって東京に上陸。人間の武器はまったく歯がたたず、東京は焼け野原にされてしまった……。

② Godzilla landed in Tokyo twice. Human weapons are completely useless, and Tokyo has been turned into a burnt wasteland…

③ 東京湾にひろむゴジラを倒すため、芹沢博士は水中の生物をみな殺しにするおそろしい発明•オキシジェン•デストロイアーの使用を決意した。

③ In order to defeat Godzilla spreading in Tokyo Bay, Dr. Serizawa decided to use a terrible invention, Oxygen Destroyer, which kills all underwater creatures.

④ さすがのゴジラもオキシジェン•デストロイアーのまえに倒れ、溶けていった。が、博士も発明を悪用されないように、自ら命を絶ったのだ。

④ As expected, Godzilla fell in front of the Oxygen Destroyer and melted. However, the doctor also took his own life so that his invention would not be abused.

Source: ゴジラ激闘超図鑑, Asahi Sonorama, p 17