Impact of articles in the movie


Impact of articles in the movie


The depiction of a major incident taking place inside and the printing of newspapers and magazines reporting on it can be seen in Akira Kurosawa’s Heaven and Hell, starting with the 1939 American classic “Going to the Smith Capital.” It is impressive in such a way, but the point that such depictions have an impact on the work is the same in “monster movies.” Godzilla, revived in the Arctic Ocean after seven years of frozen hibernation, attacks the northern military base and gradually approaches Japan. In such a tense situation, the screen was full of web presses, and the pages of newspapers and magazines were introduced one after another. This is the real pleasure of THE movie, and it is nothing less than the royal road as of 1962. The Asahi Shimbun cooperated with this Mainichi Shimbun, but it looks like a real Asahi Shimbun article except for the photos and headlines, so it may be useful to verify the times.


Most of the photos in newspaper articles are of KinGoji suits. It’s good that they don’t care about questions such as “Who on earth took the picture and when?” By the way, the old special effects large pool at the back of the 10th stage was used to shoot Godzilla approaching the northern base from the sea.

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