Godzillas that can still be seen



Godzillas that can still be seen • 2


Currently, a gigantic Godzilla statue reminiscent of 84 Godzilla is on permanent display at the National Museum of Japanese History. This was commissioned by the museum in 2009, and was mainly created by Tomomi Kobayashi, and is 2.5 meters in height. At the end of the museum’s 6th exhibition room (modern day), which has the theme of war and post-war life, it is displayed along with various materials related to the first Godzilla, and you can also take photos.


[National Museum of Japanese History] 117 Jonai-cho, Sakura City, Chiba Prefecture 285-8502 Closed every Monday (If it falls on a holiday, the next day is closed)

▼▶︎ 84ゴジラをイメージしたモデルとはいえ、頭部や背ビレ、モールドの流れなど、VSシリーズのゴジラのエッセンスも感じられる。小林が最後に手掛けたゴジラというだけではなく、着ぐるみと違い、展示を意識したデフォルメが見られるものの、造型のヒントになる要素は多々あるので、一見の価値のあるゴジラだ

▼▶︎ Although the model is inspired by 84 Godzilla, you can also feel the essence of Godzilla from the VS series, such as the head, dorsal fin, and flow of the mold. This is not only the last Godzilla that Kobayashi worked on, but unlike the costume, it is deformed with an eye toward display, but there are many elements that can give hints for the model, so it is worth seeing.

Source: Godzilla Graphic Collection, p 55