Godzilla’s face changed


◆ ゴジラの顔が変わった
◆ Godzilla’s face changed


“King Kong vs. Godzilla” was comical, but the special effects staff took it seriously. There’s the scene where King Kong destroys the Houses of Parliament, and the scene where he’s given sleeping pills and taken away by helicopter. The brightness of the sky at that time and the way the miniature set was presented on the ground were very conscious of the first or second Godzilla movies. It’s not “always a bright Toho movie,” but even special effects are bright. If anything, I wanted to make it a dark scene, but Mr. Tsuburaya said, “If it’s not bright here, it won’t connect with the main story.” I myself was reluctant to go in a direction different from the previous Godzilla movies, and the staff felt the same way. I told the staff Mr. Tsuburaya’s instructions, and they responded, “Well, that’s fine.”


The expression of Godzilla, who appeared for the first time in seven years, was quite different from the previous work, and it looked like a reptilian face, but I didn’t care. For me, the real Godzilla is in front of the camera. I’m only thinking about how to make it look scary, so even if it had three nostrils, it wouldn’t have bothered me. Even if Godzilla’s face changes a little, it doesn’t change the essence of the Godzilla movie.


But Mr. Tsuburaya was very concerned. “The eyes are too tight. The smoke is too much, so please inflate it more,” he seems to have corrected the art. Godzilla’s face keeps changing in subsequent Godzilla movies. Since the Godzilla of the previous work is modified and made to appear, it is natural that it will change.


Godzilla’s face changed like a reptile (3rd work)

Source: ゴジラ•デイズ, p 244