It was 1984 and Godzilla was back from a ten-year retirement. Godzilla made landfall again crossing new paths as he crushed Tokyo once again beneath his feet. It’s time for another tour of the places made famous by Godzilla. There are plenty of places to see. So let’s begin our at sea and see where it takes us.

Daikoku Island 伊豆諸島南端 大黒島
(A fictional island set in the southernmost tip of the Izu Islands,
perhaps the volcanic island of Aogashima 青ヶ島)

Japan, 〒160-0023 Tokyo, 新宿区Nishishinjuku, 2丁目11

Shinjuku Station East Exit · Studio Alta front

Hamaoka Nuclear Power Station 浜岡原子力発電所
〒437-1604 静岡県御前崎市佐倉5561

Mt Mihara 三原山

Tokyo Bay (Oi Thermal Power Station 大井火力発電所)
1 Chome-2-2 Yashio Shinagawa-ku, Tōkyo-to 140-0003

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