Godzilla Morphology Course


Godzilla Morphology Course


Since the first Godzilla movie, most of the special effects have been done using monster suits (a core made by wrapping it in cloth and sewing it together.) that are operated by humans. Monster suits made from latex (liquid rubber) and urethane foam (sponge) are made differently for each production, so even though they are simply called Godzilla, there are various proportions. The surface of Godzilla’s body was previously created using a technique of pasting finely cut sponge chips, but since 1984’s “Godzilla,” new materials have been developed, so the whole body was molded. In this case, you can make exactly the same Godzilla as long as you mold it from the same mold. Furthermore, as in the case of this time’s “Godzilla vs Biollante”, there are cases in which two suits are made, so it is difficult to make an accurate distinction.

(1) は’54年の初代ゴジラ、(2) は55年の「ゴジラの逆襲」より。逆襲版は宿敵アンギラスとの格闘が中心のため、細身になり動きやすさを考えてある。(3) はアメリカから発注されて製作されたゴジラで、映画には使われていない。作られたのは58年頃で、(1)、(2)と比べると耳がなくなり、足の指が3本になった。この特徴をそのまま受け継いだのが62年のキングコング戦の縫包。(4a)正面(4b)と側面では印象の異なるフォルムをしている。(5) は64年のモスラ戦。以後のゴジラのスタイルを決定づけた代表的な縫包だ。は、おそらく(5) の流用と思われる「地球最大の決戦」(64)版。(7)の「怪獣大戦争」(56)版になるとプロポーションが次第に人間に近くなって行く。

(1) is from the original Godzilla in 1954, and (2) is from “Godzilla Raids Again” in 1955. The Raids Again version focuses on fighting against his arch-enemy Anguirus, so he has a slender body for ease of movement. (3) is a Godzilla that was ordered and manufactured by the United States and was not used in the movie. It was created around 1958, and compared to (1) and (2), it has no ears and only three toes. The suit for the King Kong battle in 1962 inherited this feature. (4a) The front (4b) and side view have different shapes. (5) is the battle against Mothra in 1964. This is a typical suit that determined Godzilla’s style from then on. (6) is the version of “Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster” (64), which is probably a diversion from (5). In the “Invasion of Astro Monster” (56) version of (7), the proportions gradually become closer to humans.

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