Godzilla Attractions




What supported the VS series, which has become a regular feature in the Heisei era, was the video media mix strategy. Movie mooks and monthly children’s magazines are lined up in bookstores, and toy departments are filled with new toys and goods for adults. In addition, Godzilla roams the city from many different angles, including TV spots and special programs just before the movie’s release. What children looked forward to was attending local events hosted by neighborhood associations and department stores. Although the suit for the movie is not as good as it was, the Godzilla for attraction is everyone’s favorite.

▲ コスモスの2人、東宝シンデレラの今村恵子と大沢さやかがゴジラの応援に駆けつけた。

▲ Two members of Cosmos, Keiko Imamura and Sayaka Osawa from Toho Cinderella, rushed to support Godzilla.

▶ コスモスに囲まれて大満足の展示用ロボットゴジラが、映画の宣伝をアピールした。

▶ The exhibition robot Godzilla, surrounded by cosmos and very satisfied, promoted the movie.

Source: The Pictorial Book of Godzilla