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Last year was the 50th Anniversary of Gigan and Godzilla vs Gigan (1971). To celebrate the momentous occasion Toho announced a live-action new short Fest Godzilla 3: Gigan Attacks (フェス・ゴジラ3 ガイガン来襲) to be released on Godzilla Fes 2022 (ゴジラフェス2022).1 But there was no existing Gigan suit. So a new suit was commissioned and fans in Japan were invited to contribute through a crowdfund campaign called Gigan 50th Anniversary Special Project, Gigan Suit Launch Project (【ガイガン50周年特別企画】ガイガンスーツ起動プロジェクト).2

Gigan Suit Project Logo

Gigan Suit Launch Project logo (ガイガンスーツ起動プロジェクト)

The new Gigan suit was produced by MONSTERS Inc. staff, led by its founder and renown model maker and makeup artist Shinichi Wakasa (若狭新一 わかさ しんいち), who worked on almost all the Toho Godzilla films from Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla (1993) to Godzilla Final Wars (2004).3 4 He was incur of modeling Godzilla in the five Millennium series films. The new Gigan suit was based on the original Showa design of Takayoshi Mizuki and modeled by Nobuyuki Yasumaru. Nobuhiro Ekubo was in charge of gimmick production. The scales on the body surface are made of vinyl leather in 4 different sizes. About 2,000 scales were carefully attached to the body one by one. The large claws made with lightweight soft materials for battle were constructed to be removed. The suit actor enters from the back after the wings are removed.

Gigan Suit Launch Project logo (ガイガンスーツ起動プロジェクト)

Sensei Wakasa studied the construction and material of the original suit and used the Toho Tukusatsu Visual Book「東宝特撮 公式ヴィジュアル・ブック」and X-Plus figures as reference. Mr. Yuji Nishimura of M1 provided materials for the production of Gigan’s eye. The work was divided among many staff members. Prototypes were made for each part, combining and adjusting them as needed. “The big difference between the previous work and the way it is made is the material,” said Wakasa.5 FRP (fibre-reinforced plastic)6 was not used as it was for the original Gigan. The green part of the skin was made of latex and the rest is made of multiple materials such as vinyl leather. The Gigan suit was about 210 cm. The production of the suit took about four months. Wakasa was delighted by the fan response when the suit reproduction was announced. He wanted to make something great for the fans who participated in the crowding project.

Shinichi Wakasa, his team and the new Gigan

Godzilla vs Gigan From the right in the completed Gigan suit, Ichigo Shinkai, Shigeaki Ito, Manabu Yoshimatsu, and Kana Miyasako (not shown in the photo) are Yo Yamada and Nobuhiro Mechanical Ekubo.”「ゴジラVSガイガン」ガイガンスーツ完成写真 右から、神海霧いちご・伊藤成昭・吉松学・宮廻果奈 // 写真にはおりませんが、山田陽・メカニカル江久保暢宏になります。(Source: Shinichi Wakasa 若狭 新一 @shinichiwakasa)

“Fest Godzilla 3 Gigan Attack” Trailer (『フェス・ゴジラ3 ガイガン来襲』予告編) See more

There were eight contribution partner tiers with corresponding gifts for supporting the production of the new Gigan suit: For 2500 yen contributors could receive a set of 5 postcards featuring scenes from the new Gigan short, or a can badge, an acrylic logo keychain; for 8500 yen, t-shirt; for 5000 yen, a Blu-ray; for 12000 yen, a special thank you in the end credits of Gigan’s new short along with a Blu-ray; for 35000 yen, 30cm Gigan figure (700 available); and for 12000 yen, a Gigan suit scale replica (150 available).

My Gigan Suit Scale

International fans were excited to learn about the project and were eager to contribute. But they were disappointed that contributions outside of Japan could not be taken. Fast forward six months later and something awesome has come my way unexpectedly. A few weeks ago I came upon a tweet celebrating the arrival of a contribution award. So I hurried to Mercari on Buyee Japan to search to see if one was available. And I acquired the limited Gigan suit scale replica.

Thank you letter: クラウドファンディング「ガイガンスーツ起動プロジェクト」に応援いただいた皆様 Everyone who supported the crowdfunding “Gigan Suit Launch Project” | この度はプロジェクトへの応援、まことにありがとうございました。皆様の応援のおかげで、昭和のデザインをベースとしたガイガンのスーツを令和に蘇らせることができました。また、そのガイガンが登場する新規短編特撮『フェスゴジラ3ガイガン来襲』も無事にゴジラ・フェス2022にて公開することができ、大盛況のうちに幕を閉じることができました。| Thank you very much for your support for this project. Thanks to everyone’s support, we were able to revive Gigan’s suit based on Showa designs in Reiwa. In addition, the new short special effects “Fest Godzilla 3 Gigan Attack” in which Gigan appears was successfully released at Godzilla Festival 2022, and the curtain closed with great success. | この新しいガイガンのスーツは、今後映像やイベントなど様々なシチュエーションで最大限活用させていただきます。| This new Gigan suit will be put to maximum use in various situations such as videos and events. プロジェクトの返礼品に関しては、大変お待たせいたしました。同封にてお届けいたしますので、お受け取りください。| Thank you very much for waiting for the return gift of the project. It will be delivered in an enclosed package, so please accept it. | 改めてこの度はありがとうございました。Thank you again for this time. | 今後とも、ガイガン、ゴジラおよび東宝怪獣をよろしくお願いいたします。Thank you for your continued support of Gigan, Godzilla and Toho Kaiju. | ガイガンスーツ起動プロジェクト Gigan Suit Launch Project

The scales of the Gigan suit produced by this crowdfunding were produced not only for the suit but also for the crowdfunding return gift. The Gigan scale is set between two magnetically-sealed plexiglass frames supported by two screw-in legs. On the bottom front is printed フェス・ゴジラ3 ガイガン来襲 (Fest Godzilla 3: Gigan Attacks). Also included is a thank you letter (see above). My Gigan scale is another piece of Godzilla history. It will join my Godzilla cell, claw and dorsal fin on my shelves.