Eiji Tsuburaya’s disciple, director Arikawa debuts


円谷英二のまな弟子, 有川監督デビュー!
Eiji Tsuburaya’s disciple, director Arikawa debuts!

有川貞昌特技監督は、昭和20年に東宝入社。特撮 映画の魅力にひかれ, 円谷監督に師事。カメラマンとして「ゴジラ」以降のほとんどの特撮ものの撮影を担当し、円谷監督を助けてきた人だ (写真右はじ)。「南海の大決闘」で特技監督補佐をつとめ、「ゴジラの息子」で本格デビュー。 次の「怪獣総進撃」でも特技監督として活躍。そのほか, 円谷プロの作品で も,「ウルトラセブン」「マイティージャック」などの特撮を担当している。

Sadamasa Arikawa special effects director joined Toho in 1945. He was attracted to the charm of special effects movies and studied under Director Tsuburaya. As a cameraman, he was in charge of shooting most of the special effects after “Godzilla” and helped Director Tsuburaya (pictured right). He served as an assistant director of special effects in “Ebirah, Horror of the Deep” and made his full-scale debut with “Son of Godzilla.” He is also active as a special effects director in the next “Destroy All Monsters.” In addition, he is also in charge of special effects such as “Ultra Seven” and “Mighty Jack” in Tsuburaya Productions work.

また、昭和53年製作の香港製怪獣映画「北京原人の逆襲」でも特撮を手がけ, 巨大な北京原人の暴れるシーンなどに, すぐれた演出ぶりを見せている。

He also worked on special effects in the Hong Kong-made monster movie “Peking Man’s Counterattack” produced in 1978, showing excellent production in the scene of a huge Peking Man’s rampage.

Source: テレビマガシンデラックス Godzilla Graph Book (Kodansha, p 77)