Dreams come true


I’m Full

I began my last full day in Japan with my last secret destination. Google Maps took me from Oedo Line to the Marunouchi Line to Saikyo Line at Ikebukuro Station on my way to Toda Station for a short walk to a special place. The last train heads toward Omiya. Omiya is where a dear-friend Ms Odris lived with her son and work as an English teacher and Gospel choir director in the late 90s. I visited her along with my mother and cousin in 1998 and the following year with my friends. She played a big part in my life at that time, inspiring, encouraging, and making me believe my dream to live in Japan could come true.

Getting around Tokyo is an adventure. It’s always best when you can get to your destination on one train. But making multiple transfers is the norm but mistakes can be easily made. Often transfers require 5 to 7 minute walks up and down steps to another line. I’ve learned to be patient and to carefully read and follow my Google maps. Japanese trains and subway lines are famous for their punctuality. And if you miss a train, there is another coming shortly thereafter. Don’t panic. Enjoy the experience.

I discovered my special destination several years ago. I want to visit there on my last trip in 2019 but I was discouraged by the distance and time required. Well, I’m over those hurdles. This trip I’ve traveled more than five hours to get to an obscure location. This place is associated with corn. Godzilla fans, you should know where I’m going right away. I’ll document this trip later when I return home.

I made it there but only after arriving at the wrong place with the right name. The snafu set me back one hour. But the mistake turned out to be fantastic faux pas because I didn’t know my destination was in Ultraman town! I was wondering why Ultraman photos were in the station. When I came back to the station there was a large a Ultraman statue. While waiting for the train back to Shinjuku the station chimes for arriving trains was the original Ultraman theme followed by Ultra Seven.

Next I was on my way to see my friends Ed and Kanatani-san at Akihabara. We caught up on old times and did some shopping. I had a blast. Kanakani-san is a great Godzilla and tokusatsu illustrator. Ed has been a part of significant moments in recent and not so recent Godzilla history. It’s an honor to hear their stories, memories and plans.

My last day ended with my dear friend who I love spending time with during every trip. After we had deep discussions over lunch at Saizeriya we stopped by Don Quijote (an amazing megastore that has everything) to buy two additional bags for my purchases. Next we did a shop and stroll through Jimbocho bookstores. I didn’t realize how much I spent. It took at least 20 minutes to pack up my bags. What a trip it has been. I really mean it when I say, “It’s been a dream come true.”

Over the next several days and posts I will share all my purchases and most important the special places I visited. This trip has given me the inspiration and content for a new issue of MyKaiju Magazine! Stay tune!

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