Die in images, live in statues


Die in images, live in statues

Godzilla in Hibiya

高さ 1メートル • 来月3日除幕式
Height: 1 meter • Unveiling ceremony on the 3rd of next month


Godzilla dies and leaves a statue— A bronze statue of Godzilla, the monster born in Japanese movies, will be installed in Hibiya, Tokyo on the 3rd of next month, and construction is currently progressing at a rapid pace. (Photo)


Godzilla, a popular character now loved by two generations of parents and children, meets a gruesome end in the latest film, Godzilla vs. Destoroyah, which will be released on December 9th.


Furthermore, since next year, there are no plans to shoot a new movie in Japan for a while due to production of the Hollywood version of Godzilla, etc., so Toho, the producer and distributor, has decided to “honor the achievements of the 41 years since the first movie.” Planning to install a bronze statue. Since the end of October, the special effects team’s modeling team has been working on the film at the Toho Studio in Seijo, Tokyo.


The bronze statue is a full-length statue of Godzilla, one in height and one hundred and thirty kilograms in weight. Inlaid into the granite pedestal is a plate inscribed with a line from paleontologist Dr. Yamane, played by Takashi Shimura in the first film in 1954: “I don’t think this Godzilla is the last one left.” It will be done. The total production cost was 10 million yen.


It will be installed at the welcoming plaza in front of Hibiya Chante, and an unveiling ceremony will be held on the 3rd. Will it become a famous meeting place in the future like the Hachiko statue in Shibuya?