Godzilla’s Second Film and Biollante


Blue pencil


Godzilla (photo) appears in the town of Naniwa for the first time in a while. In the second film in the series, “Godzilla Raids Again,” which was released 34 years ago, Osaka Castle was destroyed, but in the 17th film, which is currently being filmed, the main battleground will be the Osaka Business Park next door, which will be 150 meters tall. The Twin Towers of Ten Kyoto are suddenly visible.


Local director Kazuki Omori, who was a Godzilla fan, takes over the long-awaited megaphone. “Although the theme is the fear of nuclear weapons and biotechnology, I also want people to see the new sights of Kansai,” he says, enthusiastic about the film’s release at the end of the year.


Same as last time, it landed from Osaka Bay. There was talk of them trampling the new airport under construction, but at the request of the Kansai International Airport Company, they simply walked on, leering sideways. Instead, the area around Nakanoshima’s Central Public Hall, where revitalization plans are underway, is doomed to disappear into a sea of flames.