Biollante Ascension Visualization


Biollante Ascension Visualization


In this way, special effects have crossed the biggest peak, but the battle of Kawakita is not over. With the schedule running out, Kawakita had to abandon some ideas on his own. And the remaining task is the climactic aura, Biollante’s ascension scene.


Kawakita wanted to make this scene a fantastic image, in which Biollante’s mouth swallows Godzilla, which has collapsed under the influence of anti-nuclear energy bacteria, and metamorphoses it into a giant rose.


“Because Biollante was born from the same cells as Godzilla, he assimilates into Godzilla at the end. At first, I thought it would be nice if a branch burrowed into Godzilla and took each other in, but it didn’t work out.” (Kawakita Koichi)


“Kawakita-san has decided that the last will be an anime, so I thought it would be fine, but when I saw the lash (?), everyone was stunned, and I thought this was a manga.” (Kazuki Omori)


The screen showed a cel animation monster and a rose trying to swallow the exhausted Godzilla. Ideas and images aside, it was a video that felt too out of place with other screens.


Kawakita’s plan is an image that can be realized now that CG has developed. In conclusion, it would be that the technology at the time had not caught up with Kawakita’s image. In the end, this scene was replaced with an image of Biollante becoming a spore of light and disappearing, and Yasuko Sawaguchi’s face being composited with the spores flying into space.


“It seems that Mr. Kawakita had a good chance of winning, but in the end, he ended up using whatever materials he had available. If I had done things like that properly, ‘Biollante’ would have been a masterpiece.” (Kazuki Omori)


On November 6th, the Kawakita group cranked up. Omori’s main story was already in the editing process.

Source: 平成ゴジラ大全 1984-1995, p 122