Anti-Hedorah Oxygen Mask


Anti-Hedorah Oxygen Mask


An oxygen mask that was urgently released after the appearance of the flight form Hedorah. It was introduced in a highly satirical animation, but it does not appear in the live-action drama part of the play.

ただし現実に、物々しい酸素マスク(或いは、ガスマスク)は反公害キャンペーンやデモ行進などで、大気汚染の悪化をイメージさせるものとして用いられた。 『ゴジラ対ヘドラ』が劇場公開された翌年(1972年)、若者たちが行き交う銀座の歩行者天国において、若者たちによる大気汚染防止のキャンペーンとして、当時としては近未来的なデザインの「空気清浄マスク」をつけて行われた。

However, in reality, the rugged oxygen mask (or gas mask) was used as an image of worsening air pollution in anti-pollution campaigns and marches. The year after “Godzilla vs. Hedorah” was released in theaters (1972), in the pedestrian paradise of Ginza where young people come and go, as a campaign to prevent air pollution by young people, “Air Purification Mask” with a futuristic design at that time was added.

だから 『ゴジラ対ヘドラ』におけるアニメ「アンチヘドラ酸素マスク」のマスクは大げさな表現ではなく、大気汚染が深刻化する当時は、シリアスな状況として受け取られたはず。

Therefore, the mask of the anime “Anti-Hedorah Oxygen Mask” in “Godzilla vs. Hedorah” is not an exaggerated expression, and should have been taken as a serious situation at the time when air pollution became serious.


An illustration of “Anti-Hedorah Oxygen Mask” inspired by the anime in the play. Illustration / Yoshiaki Washizu

Source: Hedorah 公害怪獣の映像世界 (p. 34)