Shodai Godzilla Promotional Still



In the first Godzilla promotion picture, Godzilla’s incandescent light was photographed by Mr. Kazuki Tanaka, a still photographer, by blowing cigarette smoke himself. I made a hole in the mouth of the still and spouted it. It seems that photographer Tanaka also had a hard time in collaging the appearance of Godzilla walking around the city and rampaging because it was an unprecedented monster leading movie. The results are worth it, and many still photography masterpieces can still be seen.

[Kazukiyo Tanaka (Kazukiyo Tanaka, 1914-December 25, 1999) is a still photographer in Japanese cinema. He is from Toyama prefecture. Source: Wikipedia]

Source: 初代ゴジラ研究読本 (洋社泉, p 161)