About Mothra vs Godzilla


P 82

Oka Hideki


Color-coded ridges between the brows, sagging cheeks, eyes rearranged to face the front. Given this individuality, I think MosuGoji has evolved all at once from “the dinosaur that was exposed to the bomb” to “the Godzilla that everyone knows”. The content of the movie is really plain. Wake up from the reclaimed land, take a walk in a sleepy state, stumble and collapse and half-destroy the castle, burn the industrial complex for a little while, almost die in the Japanese Self-Defense Forces’ cast net, skirmish with the parent Mothra, then covered in thread by the child Mothra, he fell into the sea and left. Really this is only it. “Supernatural Godzilla.” But just looking at this Godzilla makes me complete. MosuGoji has “star skill and shining aura” like Antonio Inoki of yesteryear, who made the audience realize that he was a great match no matter what kind of opponent he was. Such a Godzilla is unique.

Antonio Inoki​(born Kanji Inoki on February 20, 1943) is a Japanese professional wrestling promoter and retired professional wrestler and mixed martial artist who now resides between New York City and Tokyo. (Source: Jisho.org)(

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Seiji Yamada


At the beginning of the book, the sea raging in a typhoon, the brave music of Mr. Akira Ifukube – the title credits of the fear of Godzilla. As it is, the image of Godzilla in this work is wonderfully condensed. With a ferocious look, Godzilla wields violence like a typhoon and overruns Japan. The government, ridiculed by Hiroshi Koizumi as saying, “It will take half a year, two years, and fifty-six years of deliberations,” responded swiftly. However, Godzilla defeats the countermeasures of the Self-Defense Forces and defeats the adult Mothra. A change from the comedy-like previous work “King Kong vs. Godzilla,” Godzilla who just exists as a “threat” and continues to progress with Ifukube’s music. The appearance of Godzilla gives you a strong sense of pleasure, and you can fully enjoy Godzilla’s charm as a monster.

Source: オール東欧怪獣大図鑑, p 82-83