About Jet Jaguar


Jet Jaguar

Godzilla vs Megalon 1973


An electronic robot designed and built for robot research by Goro Ibuki, a young young scientist who is an authority on electronic engineering. It has a variety of extravagant functions, and can even fly with the rocket propellers built into its legs. However, due to its high performance, it is targeted by the undersea kingdom Seatopia, which plans to conquer the land, and is stolen as a guide for Megalon. However, he was successfully recaptured by Ibuki’s ultrasonic pilot. After asking for help from Godzilla on Monster Island, he stopped accepting orders due to his ego and righteousness that began to awaken, and boldly confronted the heinous Megalon. The Jet Jaguar, which is the size of a human being and is not meant for battle, could not compete, but as Ibuki analyzed, “It must have been his strong will that made the Jet Jaguar so huge.” gigantic. Together with Godzilla, he defeated Megalon and Gigan. After the battle ended, it returned to life-size again, and since then it has ceased to act on its own. This machine is positioned as the first giant hero in the history of Toho special effects. It is the gift of the staff who sought something different from existing heroes.

Source: Toho SPX Mechanic Chronicles 東宝特撮メカニック大全 1954-2003, p 131