Godzilla 1954 3D Poster Art

A Dream Piece


Ever since its 2009 release, when I saw the Godzilla 1954 3D Poster Art (GODZILLA 1954 立体ポスターアート) for the first time on the shelf in the Godzilla section of Toy Tokyo in New York City I wanted to take it home. Every visit I stood in front of it, looked up at it, stared at it and pondered purchasing it. But in the end, its price tag turned me away. Upon leaving I always said to myself one day I’m going to get it. At this time, Godzilla had been on his long hiatus since the release of Godzilla Final Wars in 2004. During these years I stopped collecting and focused on school and work.

Original Godzilla 1954 theatrical poster and Godzilla 1954 3D Poster Art (Source: Hobby Search)

Years went by and there on the shelf it remained. I took its availability for granted. And then on one trip I thought I was ready to buy it. But its price jumped up to $500 and again I walked away promising myself to buy it on another day. And as you might expect, not soon after, on my next trip to NYC it was gone. Some smart collector snatched it up. I was so disappointed. I scolded myself for failing to add that treasure to my collection. I was reminded of my failure on every subsequent visit when it was not in the place it was set for years.

The Godzilla 1954 3D Poster Art is a limited polyresin pre-painted statue sold by Style On Video Co., Ltd. and distributed by Happinet Co. Ltd. (株式会社ハピネット)1 as part of the Real Artwork series (R.A.W.S.) released in January 2009. Released in the year of Godzilla’s 55th anniversary, it celebrates the original Godzilla by transforming the 1954 theatrical poster into a beautiful 3-dimensional art piece modeled and colored by Nariaki Ito (伊藤成昭).2 The box reads, “This 3-D Poster Art Series features excellent Japanese artwork for animation, SF movies, CDs, and video games. They employ the ultimate in 3-D sculpture utilizing the highest quality of modeling and paint process.” Its production was supervised by the famous Heisei Godzilla special effects director Koichi Kawakita. The polyresin poster rests on an acrylic stand. Its grayscale and monotone paint capture the atmosphere and tone of the original film. Godzilla takes on jet aircraft and tanks similar to the theatrical poster. Besides the king of the monsters is his Japanese name, Gojira (ゴジラ), in red just as it appears on the movie poster. The dimensions are 35.3 x 27.3 x 18.8cm. It weighs 2880g, about 6.3lbs. Originally, it sold for ¥26,961. Only 500 were produced.

Godzilla 1954 3D Poster Art box. Front: Real Artwork Series | This 3-D Poster Art Series features excellent Japanese artwork for animation, SF movies, CDs, and video games. They employ the ultimate in 3-D sculpture utilizing the highest quality of modeling and paint process. Back: GODZILLA 1954 | 1954年11月3日に劇場公開され、瞬く間に960万人以上もの動員数を記録した、まさに怪獣映画の金字塔的存在『ゴジラ』。上の写真は、宣伝用ポスターにも使用されていたスチールカットで、東京・芝浦付近の戦車陣地にて重火器に取り囲まれながらも巨大怪獣「ゴジラ」の圧倒的な脅威が伝わってくる有名なワンカット。本製品はこれをモチーフに製作されています。Released in theaters on November 3, 1954, “Godzilla” was a monumental monster movie, recording more than 9.6 million viewers in an instant. The above photo is a steel cut that was also used for advertising posters, and is a famous one cut of the overwhelming threat of the giant monster “Godzilla” is transmitted even though it is surrounded by heavy weapons at the tank position near Shibaura, Tokyo. This product is based on this motif. | 商品名:「GODZILLA1954」立体ポスターアート Product name: “GODZILLA1954” three-dimensional poster art | 仕様:ポリレジン製塗装済みディスプレーモデル Specifications: Pre-painted display model made of polyresin | 付属:アクリル製専用スタンド、製品解説書 Accessories: acrylic stand, product manual | 対象年齢:15歳以上 Target age: 15 years old and over | R.A.W.S. 発売元:スタイルオンビデオ株式会社【お客様相談窓口】販売代理店:株式会社ハピネット 〒111-0043東京都台東区駒形2-4-5駒形CAビル, TEL/0120-755995(土日・祝日を除く平日10:00-17:00) | Sold by: Style On Video Co., Ltd. [Customer Service] Distributor: Happinet Co., Ltd., Komagata CA Building, 2-4-5 Komagata, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0043, TEL/0120-755995 (weekdays 10:00-17:00, excluding weekends and holidays). Left Panel: Real Artwork Series | 州玆一特技監督完全監修による至極の造形アート。The ultimate modeling art under the complete supervision of a special effects director. | 「平成のゴジラ」シリーズなど、日本を代表する数多くの特撮映画を手掛けてきた特技監督:川北紘一氏との初のコラボレーションによる立体ポスターアート。製品用のモチーフ画の選定に始まり、特殊造形師(伊藤成昭氏)の斡せんや原型・塗装監修まで、制作プロセスの全工程で詳細にチェックを受けてついに至極の『GODZILLA1954』が完成しました。 Three-dimensional poster art created in collaboration with Mr. Koichi Kawakita, a special effects director who has worked on numerous special effects movies that represent Japan, such as the “Heisei Godzilla” series. Starting with the selection of the motif image for the product, we received a detailed check at every step of the production process, from the special modeler (Mr. Shigeaki Ito) to the prototype and painting supervision, and finally the ultimate “GODZILLA 1954” was completed. | 原型・塗装:伊藤成昭 Modeled and Colored by Nariaki Ito. Right Panel: Real Artwork Series |放射能を吹く怪獣の暴威は日本中を恐怖のどん底に突き落とした! The rage of the radioactive monster has plunged all of Japan into the depths of terror!

Last year, it appeared in my search for Godzilla on Buyee Japan. And immediately my strong feelings to have it resurfaced but also my apprehension. It was more expensive and the shipping cost was prohibitive. And like before I noticed it and even added it to my cart, but it remained there for months with no takers. Until I returned from Japan a couple weeks ago with extra cash in hand as a result of a strong dollar against the Japanese yen. I bought so much on my trip because the savings were incredible. I had to stop shopping because of airline bag restrictions. My bag was full and apparently my wallet was too. I had enough to snatch up several collectibles I could find in Japan but I did on Buyee. And in that moment I realized it was well past due and it was time to bring the 3D poster home. The savings from the currency conversion rate was significant and the shipping surprisingly well under $100 for DHL. It arrived three days later landing on my shelf where I always belonged.

My Real Artwork Series Godzilla 1954 3D Poster Art is no. 480 of 500. Godzilla has a small nick but not a deal breaker. Inside is a small booklet containing director Kawakita’s biography and letter explaining the production and release of this art poster along with his signature.

Outside Front: ゴジラ Godzilla 1954 立体ポスターアート Godzilla 1954 3D Poster Art | Outside Back: Real Artwork™ Series | Inside Left: 初代『ゴジラ』の劇場公開から55年目を迎える今年(2009年)、ついに『GODZILLA1954』立体ポスターアートが完成しました。商品化構想から約1年半の歳月をかけた本製品は、当時の映画宣伝用ポスターにも使用されたスチールカットを元に3D表現ならではのアレンジを随所に施しています。たとえば、ゴジラと、包囲する陸上自衛隊との距離は実寸で約4~4.5センチ程度しかありません。そんな物理的制約の中でいかに元画のイメージに近づけられるか?もっと言えば、元画が放つ「大怪獣の圧倒的な巨大感や恐怖感」をいかに表現するか?特殊原型師である伊藤氏の苦悩と格闘はそこだけでも甚大なものとなっていました。・・・そして、<パース(奥行き表現法)>を計算しながら度重なる原型修正を重ねた結果、ついに“手前と奥の距離感における最適なバランスを成立させたのです。This year (2009) marks the 55th anniversary of the theatrical release of the original “Godzilla,” and the three-dimensional poster art of “GODZILLA1954” has finally been completed. This product, which took about a year and a half from the conception of commercialization, is based on the steel cut used in the movie advertising poster at the time, and has been arranged everywhere in a unique 3D expression. For example, the actual distance between Godzilla and the surrounding Ground Self-Defense Force is only about 4 to 4.5 centimeters. How can we get closer to the image of the original image under such physical constraints? More to the point, how do you express the “overwhelming sense of giganticness and fear of giant monsters” that the original image gives off? Mr. Ito’s anguish and struggle were enormous just there… And as a result of repeated prototype revisions while calculating the , we finally achieved the optimal balance between the sense of distance between the foreground and the background. | 他にも、戦車や高射砲などは側面のフレームからはみ出した部分を敢えて大胆にカットし、通常の黒よりも一段濃い黒インクでマット塗装にしたことで全体の調和が取れ、「包囲されている感」を一層強調することができました。屋内のどんなロケーションにもマッチするモノトーン調仕上げは、洒落たインテリアとしても高い完成度を誇っています。専用スタンドを使ってお気に入りの場所に立掛けたり、背面のフック穴を利用して廊下や書斎などの壁面に掛けたり・・・。ぜひ、お気に入りの場所でディスプレーをお楽しみください。In addition, the tanks and anti-aircraft guns have boldly cut out the parts that protrude from the side frames, and are matte painted with black ink that is one step darker than the usual black to further emphasize the feeling. The monotone finish that matches any indoor location boasts a high degree of perfection as a stylish interior. You can use the dedicated stand to stand it in your favorite place, or use the hook hole on the back to hang it on the wall of a hallway or study. Please enjoy the display in your favorite place. | 川北紘一特技監督 Special effects director Koichi Kawakita | 1942年12月5日東京生まれ。Born December 5, 1942 in Tokyo. | 1962年、東宝株式会社入社。特殊技術課。特殊撮影係を経て、円谷英二特技監督・有川特技監督・中野特技監督に師事。1972年『ウルトラマンA』(第1話)特撮を初演出。以降、数多くの作品に携わり、1989年~「平成ゴジラシリーズ(『ゴジラVSビオランテ』)」など、大ヒット作品の特撮を担当した。おもな受賞作品1991年『ゴジラVSキングギドラ(日本アカデミー賞特技監督賞)、1992年『ゴジラVSモスラ』(第38回アジア太平洋映画祭特殊効果賞) 1962 Joined Toho Co., Ltd. Special Technology Division. After working as a special effects photographer, he studied under special effects directors Eiji Tsuburaya, special effects director Arikawa, and special effects director Nakano. In 1972, he directed the special effects for “Ultraman A” (episode 1) for the first time. Since then, he has been involved in many works, and since 1989 he has been in charge of special effects for blockbuster works such as the “Heisei Godzilla Series (“Godzilla vs. Biollante”). His major award-winning works 1991 “Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah” (Japan Academy Award for Best Director), 1992 “Godzilla vs. Mothra” (38th Asia-Pacific Film Festival Special Effect Award) | ※ 専用スタンド(付属)を使ったディスプレー例。 ※ Display example using a dedicated stand (included). | TM & © 1954, 2009 TOHO CO., LTD.

After taking a trip centered around celebrating 70 years since Godzilla first stomped across the silver screen, adding this gorgeous three-dimensional version of the film’s classic promotional poster was icing on the cake. Years of regret have been replaced by a deep sigh of relief. This collectible has a long story to tell from my silent years of collecting and my relentless search for the Godzilla memorabilia from my years growing up with Godzilla.


1. Happinet (株式会社ハピネット) is an entertainment company formed in October 1991 out of the merge of Tosho Co. Ltd., Dairin Inc, and Seiko Inc. In November 1994, Bandai acquired shares of Happinet. Happinet produced and distributed anime and films. (Source: Wikipedia)

2. 伊藤成昭 is translated as both Nariaki Ito (on the box) and Shigeaki Ito. Shigeaki Ito “is a Japanese sculptor and modeler. An employee of Shinichi Wakasa’s company, MONSTERS, Inc., he worked frequently on Toho and Daiei’s kaiju films between the 90’s and 2000’s.” (Source: Wikizilla)