About Godzilla 1954


ゴジラ (初代=第1個体)[生]『ゴジラ』『逆襲』『ゴジラ84』『VSデスト』『Xメカゴジラ』『GMMG』

Godzilla (first generation = first individual) [raw] “Godzilla” “Raids Again” “Godzilla 84” “VS Dest” “X Mechagodzilla” “GMMG”

身長:50m Height: 50m
体重:2万 Weight: 20,000
武器:白熱光 Weapon: white heat ray

(放射熱線)英名: GODZILLA
(Radiant heat rays) English name: GODZILLA


In August 1954, the hydrogen-bomb giant monster first appeared in front of mankind and plunged Japan into the depths of terror. Initially, it attacked ships in the waters near the Ogasawara Islands, but it moved north across the Pacific Ocean and landed on Odo Island twice. On its second landing, it clearly showed itself to mankind.


After that, it continued northward and attacked a total of 17 ships. Defying a depth charge attack by a frigate fleet, he landed in Tokyo and destroyed the area around Shinagawa Station. Although he left for the sea once, he invaded Tokyo again, and with his huge body and radiant heat rays, from Shibaura to Tamachi, Mita, Shimbashi, Ginza, Yurakucho, Nagatacho, Hirakawacho, Ueno, Asakusa, he trampled down the city center, and finally Tokyo and went to the bay.


However, this Godzilla was also obliterated by the Oxygen Destroyer invented by a young scientist, Daisuke Serizawa, and disappeared into the algae of Tokyo Bay.


Dr. Kyohei Yamane, a paleontologist who was deeply involved in the Godzilla incident at this time, said that Godzilla lived extremely rarely from the Jurassic to the Cretaceous period. It is presumed to be an intermediate organism that was in the process of evolving from marine reptiles to terrestrial mammals. According to the doctor’s view, they lived alone, hiding in caves on the seabed until the present day, but their living environment was destroyed by repeated heavy bomb tests, and they came all the way to the waters near Japan.


The physical evidence that supports this is the trilobite found in Godzilla’s footprints. The sand, taken from a trilobite shell that may have attached to Godzilla, was contained within the red clay of the Bifrocatas formation, which is characteristic of the Jurassic period.


In addition, quantitative analysis of radioactivity with a Geiger counter of the clay detected strontium-90, and there was no doubt that Godzilla was carrying a considerable amount of hydrogen bomb radioactive factors.


However, even the doctor was unable to unravel the secret of living beings exposed to the radioactivity of hydrogen bombs. However, it has been found that it has a habit of becoming extremely angry when it sees light, perhaps because it awakens memories of the hydrogen bomb test. As for their eating habits, it is thought that they are carnivorous, as cattle and pigs are attacked on Odo Island. As for its physical characteristics, it has been confirmed that it has ears and four fingers and toes.


There are several parallel worlds in the Godzilla series, but this first generation Godzilla is the only Godzilla that exists in all the works except “X Megaguirus,” and in “Raids Again,” it is a recording film, ” Godzilla,” it appears on the screen in a photograph, and in “Destorayah” and “× Mechagodzilla,” it appears on the screen in a flashback scene.


Also, in “× Mechagodzilla,” the scene where Oxygen Destroyer turns into bones was remade, but in this work, the bones of the original Godzilla were not melted, and based on this bone, Kiryu was built. Kiryu also appears in the following “GMMG.” In the world of these two works, after the appearance of the first Godzilla, the ecosystem collapsed, and various giant creatures such as Mothra, Gaira, and Kamoeba appeared in Japan.


In “X Megaguirus,” the 1954 Godzilla attack on Tokyo was remade, but since this Godzilla has different physical characteristics from the original Godzilla, it was classified as the 6th individual.

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