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Yasuko Sawaguchi
Naoko Okumura

今年の1月に東宝シンデレラに選ばれて、『刑事物語 part III』でこの夏にデビューして、『ゴジラ』は、2作めの映画です。

“Godzilla” is my second movie after being selected as Toho Cinderella in January of this year and debuting this summer with “Keiji Monogatari Part III.”


Godzilla is a special effects film, so even in the scenes where Godzilla can be seen , he isn’t actually there, so the staff decides the perspective. They put a piece of Styrofoam on a long stick and moved it around, thinking, “This is Godzilla.”


That’s why I acted here, but the eye movements were still confusing. It was difficult.


I had a lot of scenes with Ken Tanaka, and he really taught me very well, and he actually told me what to do and did it on the spot, which was really helpful, and I felt like I was receiving acting guidance from him.


There’s a love scene, but I felt like if something happened to me, I would turn to Mr. Tanaka. The scene where Godzilla is about to crush something with his feet was done using real feet, and it had a very tense feeling, and even though it was around the time of the final shooting, I wondered if this was the image.


Director Hashimoto was a very kind person and taught me in a gentle manner without putting me down.