The Reviews are Coming In


Raving reviews of Godzilla Minus One are pouring in on social media: “Amazing,” “My favorite,” “Heart pounding, tears and laughter,” “Awesomeness. Heaviness… so much sadness,” “It is a masterpiece.” Buckle up and get ready for the ride of our lives. The reviews have me stoked and more excited than ever to see what Director Yamazaki has in store.

Attending the world premiere red carpet event for Godzilla Minus One from left: Takataka Aoki, Sakura Ando, Hidetaka Yoshioka, Ryunosuke Kamiki, Minami Hamabe, Kuranosuke Sasaki, Yuki Yamada, and director Takashi Yamazaki
Attending the world premiere red carpet event for Godzilla Minus One from left: Takataka Aoki, Sakura Ando, Hidetaka Yoshioka, Ryunosuke Kamiki, Minami Hamabe, Kuranosuke Sasaki, Yuki Yamada, and director Takashi Yamazaki

Last night the world premiere event for the movie Godzilla Minus One was Godzilla Road in Shinjuku with the cast and director Takashi Yamazaki. Toho brought out the 50.1-meter red carpet, the same length as the height of the new Godzilla. Actor Ryunosuke Kamiki, who plays Koichi Shikishima, was overwhelmed by the completed film. He said, “I can’t describe it in one word… this is what we call despair. Despair is something you can’t see, but Godzilla is the only kind of despair that can be seen.”1 Actor Kuranosuke Sasaki, who plays Kiyoharu Akitsu, remarked, “Unexpectedly, I shed tears and couldn’t stand up at the end. It showed me such despair, but also hope.At this time, this work conveys to the world the horror of breaking the commandments.”2 Also last evening, special showings of the movie were held and here are social media reviews shared by the lucky ones who attended. There are no spoilers.

『ゴジラ-1.0』の試写を見せてもらったが、驚異的に面白かった! 強烈な反戦映画。同時に「こんな戦いを見たかった」というシーンがいくつも出てきて、どうしてもワクワクする。ゴジラの映画はすべて見てきたけど、これがいちばん好き。泣けるし、さまざま胸に迫るし、大傑作だ!

I was shown a preview of “Godzilla-1.0” and it was amazingly interesting! A strong anti-war movie. At the same time, there are many scenes that make me think, “I wanted to see this kind of battle,” and I can’t help but get excited. I’ve seen all the Godzilla movies, but this one is my favorite. It will make you cry, it will touch your heart in many ways, and it is a masterpiece!

近藤隆史[空想科学研究所 所長] @KUSOshocho


I was invited to the preview screening of “Godzilla Minus One” to see it! I can’t tell you the details yet, so I’ll just give my impressions. Heart pounding, tears and laughter. There are so many shots that I would worry about how to take or create if I were in charge of them. Thank you to everyone involved for your hard work. Be sure to check it out at the theater!

Koji Matsunaga @sonicpower1970


We were invited to the preview screening of “Godzilla-1.0”! This is very interesting! I want to write a good support review with this momentum, but it’s prohibited until the night of November 1st, haha. We have a lot of time, so if you would like a positive review of either of them, please let us know! Before it becomes an unexploded mine lol!


今夜は #ゴジラマイナスワン の試写にお招きいただいた。ちょっと言葉にならないくらいの凄さと重さと声に出したいくらいの慟哭があった。シン・ゴジラとはまるで真逆の方向なのに、あの時と同じ興奮をさせてもらえた。ゴジラは生きている。

Tonight I was invited to the preview screening of #GodzillaMinusOne. There was so much awesomeness and heaviness that I can’t put into words, and so much sadness that I wanted to say it out loud. Even though it was in the complete opposite direction from Shin Godzilla, it gave me the same excitement as that time. Godzilla is alive.



I attended the IMAX preview screening of the completed work. Oh, it was really amazing. It was scary, cool, and made me cry a little. Coach Takashi Yamazaki, this is a crucial home run. I’ll go see it again once it’s released.

なげき @nagekinoumi『ゴジラ-1.0』(11/3公開)


Watched “Godzilla-1.0” at the completion preview screening.
Oh my, it’s amazing, it’s terrific…
This is all I can say for now, but you should definitely watch it!!

佐々木誠 @makochssk

映画『ゴジラ-1.0』山崎監督にプレミア試写会にご招待頂きました!今回のゴジラ、顔もフォルムもイケメンっ 下からのアングルも必見!あと熱線やばいっ!過去にゴジラと人間の戦いを止め、山崎作品では「これじゃあゴジラですね…」と言わせて貰った身として、胸熱すぎました。

Movie “Godzilla-1.0”… Director Yamazaki invited me to the premiere screening! Godzilla this time has a handsome face and form… Don’t miss the angle from below! Also, the heat rays are terrible! As someone who has stopped the battle between Godzilla and humans in the past, and whose works have made me say, “Well, this is Godzilla…,” I was so excited.

須賀健太 @suga_kenta1019


Watched “Godzilla-1.0.” Honestly impressed. I am convinced that this is the most beautiful Godzilla movie in Godzilla history, and director Takashi Yamazaki’s masterpiece. I immediately informed an old acquaintance of mine, an advertising producer. It’s probably the first time I’ve done something like that. Ryunosuke Kamiki looked back several times, and especially groaned the second time. Unparalleled tears of sadness!

相田 冬二(Bleu et Rose)@aidatoji

『ゴジラ-1.0』プレミア試写会で拝見いたしました。大きなスクリーンで観るゴジラ最高! 凄い迫力! めっちゃゴジラ怖い…! 俳優さん達の演技も良かったなあ。お話は明るく楽しいものではないけど、山崎貴監督は誠実に真摯にゴジラに取り組んだのがわかる映画です。はやく皆と感想を話したい!

I saw it at the “Godzilla-1.0” premiere screening. Godzilla is the best to see on the big screen! Amazing power! Godzilla is so scary…! The acting of the actors was also good. Although the story is not a bright and fun one, it is a film that shows that director Takashi Yamazaki was sincere and sincere in his approach to Godzilla. I want to share my thoughts with everyone soon!

開田あや @ayanekotunami

「ゴジラ -1.0」を観る。招待いただいた完成披露試写にてIMAX鑑賞。ネタバレ回避のため結論だけ言えば、予告編から漂っていた良さげな予感を軽々超えてくる紛れもない傑作。ゴジラ映画の集大成と言ってもいいくらい。全編に通底するメッセージが力強く伝わってきて思わず感涙。

Watch “Godzilla -1.0.” I was invited to watch the IMAX preview of the completed work. To avoid spoilers, I’ll just say the conclusion, but it’s an undeniable masterpiece that easily surpasses the good feeling I had from the trailer. You could even call it the culmination of all Godzilla movies. The underlying message throughout the story was conveyed so powerfully that I couldn’t help but cry.

映画情報 オスカーノユクエ @oscarnoyukue

「ゴジラ-1.0」試写鑑賞させて頂きました!!とにかくとにかくゴジラが怖い!カッコいい!!そして最後はやっぱり胸が熱くなるんです..本当に本当に本当に素晴らしい映画でしたーー!!そして観終わった後皆さん、「ゴジラ・ザ・ライドに乗りたい!」って笑笑 必ず後5回は観る!!

I got to see a preview of “Godzilla-1.0”! Anyway, Godzilla is scary! cool!! And at the end, my heart warms… It was a really, really great movie! And after watching it, everyone said, “I want to ride Godzilla the Ride!” lol I’ll definitely watch it five more times!

青井邦夫 @AoiKunio


Since last night, I have reposted many impressions from people who have seen “Godzilla-1.0,” and all of them are convincing, and I have the same impressions. I can’t say much about it yet, but it’s an amazing movie. We recommend that you block out as much information as possible regarding specific content.

青井邦夫 @AoiKunio


I never thought I’d see a Godzilla movie that surpasses “Shin Godzilla”…it was simply amazing…

知念実希人 物語り @MIKITO_777

映画『ゴジラ-1.0』完成披露試写会に招待され、11月3日公開より先に観賞させて頂きました!凄く良かったです!! 神木隆之介さん、浜辺美波さん、山崎貴監督、有難う御座います。公開したら劇場で2回目を観賞させて頂きます!

I was invited to the preview screening of the movie “Godzilla-1.0” and was able to watch it before it was released on November 3rd! It was really good! ! Thank you to Ryunosuke Kamiki, Minami Hamabe, and director Takashi Yamazaki. Once it’s released, I’ll be watching it for the second time in theaters!

小林裕幸 @HiroKobaP

Godzilla Invasion Truck Across Japan (Photo Credit: タケシ Takeshi @kQxJuH534fbM5dM)

Celebrating the coming release of Godzilla Minus One, the Godzilla Invasion Truck Across Japan appeared at the event before embarking across Japan over the coming weeks. I’m so stoked for this movie like I was for Shin Godzilla (2016). I think we are in for a great experience at the movies in December. Godzilla Minus One tickets go on sale in the U.S. on Godzilla’s Birthday, November 3.


1 「ひと言では言い表せない。ああ、これが絶望と言うんだと思った。絶望って目に見えないものですけど、唯一見える絶望、それがゴジラ」Source:「神木隆之介「唯一見える絶望、それがゴジラ」浜辺美波は笑顔で「やっと会えた!」
2 「不覚にも涙を流して最後、立てなかった。それくらいの絶望と、でも希望も見せていただいた。このときに、世界に向けて破戒の恐ろしさを発信する作品」と胸を張り、吉岡秀隆も「山崎監督の集大成と言っても過言ではない」Source:「神木隆之介「唯一見える絶望、それがゴジラ」浜辺美波は笑顔で「やっと会えた!」