The final hours have come


The final hours have come. I got my notification for check-in. My check-in is now complete. I got a better seat on the long flight. I was by default placed on the last row. But I was able to move up to the middle in an essential aisle seat. My frequent flyer miles are also set up for this trip. All my flight documents are set up. Now it’s time for my final luggage check. I found some good practices for folding clothes on YouTube. After pressing my garments and applying a fold-and-roll method, my bag space tightened up enough for my daily travel bag to slip into the front. I’ve checked all my cables and plugs to ensure they are working and packed. I’m now all set to go.

MyKaiju Trip to Japan November 2023

Last night I discovered the cool app Timeshifter while watching YouTube videos. It develops a plan to help with jet lag. I have suffered with the worst jag leg over the years. The problem is not going to Japan but returning back to the U.S. It has taken me up to three weeks to fully recover from jet lag. I’m hoping this will help give me as much help as possible.

This morning, I gave myself a final haircut and shave before my flight early Sunday morning. Later today, I will do some house cleaning. Tonight, I will reach out to my friends and family with my travel plans and goodbyes. Also, I’m working out plans to meet fellow Godzilla fans during the trip. It’s going to be a blast. I won’t blog again until I’m settled in my hotel for the first night in Asakusa. I plan to blog a full review of Godzilla Minus One with and without spoilers. Thanks so much for following my Tokyo travel blog.