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Takeaways from Dallas


The Famous Monsters Convention in Dallas was the best experience as a Godzilla fan I have had to date. Meeting Director Shinji Higuchi and Cinematography Keiichi Sakurai was truly the highlight and height of the trip captured by this photo op.

Director Shinji Higuchi and Cinematography Keiichi Sakurai and John Ruffin

Before I left for Dallas, I was debating what to have autographed. Nothing seems better than the Shin Godzilla script from the Art of Shin Godzilla book.

signed Shin Godzilla script

Friend and Godzilla illustrator, Hiroshi Kanatani, was there. I acquire this beautiful signed print of Shin Godzilla under attack at Tokyo Station.

Hiroshi Kanatani Shin Godzilla

Other takeaways included the Godzilla vs Evangelion pamphlet and collectibles along with a Godzilla vs King Ghidorah film strip key chain and Funimation Shin Godzilla DVD promotional poster.

Shin Godzilla items from Famous Monsters Convention Dallas


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