As Shin Godzilla approaches release, Godzilla is everywhere. Social media is the place to be for all things Shin Godzilla coming out of Japan. From new figures to new scenes to new events the excitement for Shin Godzilla is reaching a fever pitch. Last night pictures of a 1/60 Shin Godzilla statue in a department store emerged as part of an event called Godzilla in Kawasaki. It’s a thing of beauty. Although the proportions and detail cannot match the model at the Godzilla at the Museum in Fukuoka, the statue quickly reminds us of the traditional Godzilla suit. Shin Godzilla looks great! Social media is teeming with photos from every angle.

Behind the statue it says 「シン・ゴジラ、川崎に現る!スタンプラリー!開催中 7.29上陸」- “Shin Godzilla, appears in Kawasaki! Stamp Rally! Exhibition. Makes landfall July 29th.”

The presence of the statue gives hope that suit actors were used in the filming of Shin Godzilla. We will have to wait and see. Several days ago we were giving a new clip of the movie showing Shin Godzilla’s landing in Kamakura as part of a PARCO commercial.

Several weeks ago we were given glimpses of new figures from Bandai, Ichiban Kuji, HG, MOOK, and SHMA at the International Tokyo Toy Show. The SHMonster Arts figure is impressive.

Also rolled out was a human-sized Godzilla 1991 Hokkaido figure. Whether or not it will be made available for purchase waits to be seen.

Godzilla is showing up everywhere — in books, on display, on shelves, on the streets, in the papers, in museums, and in concert. It’s an exciting time to be a Godzilla fan.