On Odo Island


Odo Island [Place] “Godzilla” “GMK”


In August 1954, the island in the Pacific where Godzilla first landed. Since ancient times, there has been a story of a monster called Godzilla, and according to this legend, the monster that landed on the island came to be called Godzilla.


During the first landing in the middle of the night, 17 houses were destroyed, 9 people died, 2 cows and 8 pigs were damaged. On the second landing, although there was no major damage, the islanders and members of the Odo Island Disaster Research Team clearly confirmed Godzilla’s appearance.


After that, a depth charge attack was carried out by the frigate fleet in the sea area west of Odo Island, but the position is said to be 138 degrees east longitude 7 minutes east longitude and 33 degrees 4 minutes north latitude 8 minutes north latitude. Its latitude is almost the same as that of Hachijojima in the Izu Islands, but judging from its longitude, it is south of Enshu-nada or Suruga Bay.


In “GMK,” he appeared in a photograph exhibited at Kujirami, an inn on Magoteshima, one of the Ogasawara Islands. In this work, Odo Island is said to be near Magnote Island, but in 1973, the Ogasawara Islands were under the administration of the United States, so this theory is unacceptable. Since the story is set in a parallel world where the Japan-U.S. Peace Treaty is signed, it is also possible to think that the Ogasawara Islands were not occupied by the United States, or that they were returned immediately after the war).

Source: ゴジラ大辞典, p 58