Reproduction of Ginza




Reproduction of the 18th townscape from the Yamazaki movie

ゴジラ映画の見どころ都市破壊シーン。終戦2年後の昭和22年の銀座は比較的空襲被害が少なかったので大きなビルが残っていました。服部時計店、日劇、その横の朝日新聞本社、ゴジラの進撃を中継する勇敢な報道マンが居たマツダビル。それぞれの建物の構造まで見える超こだわりの破壊シーンには圧倒されっぱなし。特に戦前建築好きな私にとっては当時の進駐軍に接収された状態の看板再現や、典 子が鉄道から落下した堀(現在は埋め立てられて首都高に)や鉄道模型で有名な天賞堂など建築マニアにも納得の完成度でした。

The highlight of Godzilla movies is the city destruction scene. In 1945, two years after the end of the war, Ginza suffered relatively little damage from air raids, so many large buildings remained. Hattori Watch Shop, Nichigeki, the Asahi Shimbun headquarters next to it, and the Mazda Building, where the brave newsmen who broadcast the advance of Godzilla were located. You will be overwhelmed by the detailed destruction scenes where you can even see the structure of each building. As someone who loves pre-war architecture, I particularly like the reproduction of the signboard that was requisitioned by the Occupation Forces at the time, the moat where Noriko fell from the railway (currently filled in and built into the Shuto Expressway), and buildings such as Tensho-do Hall, which is famous for its railway models. It was a level of perfection that even enthusiasts would be satisfied with.

「TOKYO PX」の看板が掛かる服部時計店。PXは占領軍専用売店の意味。

Hattori watch store with a “TOKYO PX” sign. PX stands for Occupation Forces exclusive store.


(Top) Scene from the play. Tenshodo is on the far right. (Bottom right) Actual store.


(Bottom left) The current Tenshodo is in the center, completed in 2021.


We asked “Tenshodo” about “Godzilla 1.0”!


Q: How is the reproduction of the store as it was in 1947?


A: “I think the color was a little more gray, but other than that I think it’s well reproduced.”


Q: What do you think it is attracting attention with its appearance?


A: “We are grateful that we are attracting attention because the same company is located in the same Ginza location as it was then and now.” (Answer/Representative Director Keiji Niimoto)

Source: モノマガジン 2023年 12/16 号 [雑誌], p 33