MechaGodzilla Diagram


The Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz said, “If I only had a heart.” And like the Tin Man, MechaGodzilla was close to perfection. MechaGodzilla had everything but he was made by the space aliens from the third planet from the black hole who came to destroy the earth and the one who would stand between them and what they wanted, Godzilla. MechaGodzilla was well equipped with every imaginable weapon such as eye, nose, mouth, chest, finger, knee, and toe missiles and lasers. And like the aliens, X-Plus didn’t miss a detail when creating their MechaGodzilla for the Gigantic Series. MechaGodzilla is the first non-Godzilla entry in the series and it is worthy to be the first. MechaGodzilla is available in a RIC light-up version and standard version. To the surprise of collectors, the figure has multiple points of articulation to go along with its perfect detail and paint application. Every viewing angle is a delight, making this mechanical marvel my favorite X-Plus release since I began collecting back in 2014.

One of my first MechaGodzilla collectibles was the Bandai The特撮Collection MechaGodzilla model kit with the classic and iconic Yuji Kaida box art. Inside was a gorgeous poster with Showa MechaGodzilla I and II silhouetted in various views set on a deep blue background. In the spirit of that poster, I created a mini-poster to celebrate my MechaGodzilla collectibles from the past and to commemorate this great new gigantic addition today. Upon request, I create a 24×36 inch poster for anyone who would like to download it and get a print for their wall. The poster is released under the Creative Commons — Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0). Below is the download link to a zip file containing a 300-dpi CMYK poster with .25-inch bleeds. Feel free to have it printed for your wall. is a great online vendor for printing posters.

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