Making of Godzilla -1.0 Ginza


1. 東京に上陸し、銀座4丁目の交差点付近で暴れるゴジラ

1. Godzilla lands in Tokyo and rampages near the Ginza 4-chome intersection


① Storyboard drawn by director Yamazaki. The picture is a rough image of the scene. ② Pre-visualization created based on the storyboard. At this stage, the live-action film crew and CG staff decide on the details of how the film will be shot, including the camera lens, composition, and the distance between Godzilla and the people in the foreground. ③ On the roof of the Mazda Building, we filmed the press reporting on Godzilla’s attack in front of a green screen. The height from which the actors look at Godzilla is important. ④ Gray model of Godzilla and the destroyed building made with CG. The shape of what is drawn on the screen is determined here. ⑤ Add the effect of smoke filling the surrounding area due to the destruction. Reality is created by adjusting the smoke, such as making it thick enough to hide parts of Godzilla. ⑥ Color-coded masks for CG adjustment. We will use this as an indicator to make fine adjustments. ⑦ Completed screen with color grading and colors adjusted so that Godzilla and the press look familiar.