Godzilla Store TV

3.20.2021 (updated 3.21.2021)

Yesterday, after finishing up a YouTube live stream, I was greeted with an awesome surprise from the upcoming episode of Godzilla Store TV (ゴジラ・ストア TV) on the Godzilla Channel. The thumbnail image shows the host posing with the X-Plus Toho 30cm Series Yuji Sakai Modeling Collection Godzilla (1991) Hokkaido Ver. Soft Vinyl Kit (東宝30cmシリーズ 酒井ゆうじ造形コレクション ゴジラ(1991) 北海道Ver.ソフビキット) released just weeks ago. It is so cool to see MyKaiju box art! I’m going to stay up tonight to see the show! And what a great show it was!

From the start, the X-Plus Yuji Sakai Godzilla 1991 was featured by the host who assembled the soft vinyl kit from start to finish throughout the program. It was great to see how such a kit is properly assembled. About the 10-minute mark, he placed the box in front of the camera and Godzilla got his closeup. I was so surprised and honored.

After the show, apparently the model kit went up for sale on the Godzilla Store. But shortly after, it sold out.