Godzilla Love Theme


Happy Anniversary, Godzilla 1985, released 30 years ago on August 23. It was fitting to have such a box day. After three trips to the post office my Godzilla ’84 45-record arrived from Japan courtesy of Mandarake. Side 1 is the Godzilla Love Theme by the Star Sisters. Side 2 is Drivin’ with My Baby (tru’ the valley). The Star Sisters were a popular 80s female dance/pop trio from the Netherlands.

Godzilla Love Theme, The Star Sisters
Godzilla Love Theme, The Star Sisters
ゴジラ 愛のテーマ, ザ•スター•シスターズ

I don’t remember the Godzilla Love Theme back in ’85. I heard it for the first last year. It was a bit strange at first. Now it’s a favorite! Here it is for your listening pleasure!