Godzilla fans sing a lot


Godzilla fans sing a lot


No matter what the genre, nothing is stronger than the energy of a maniac. Among them, can’t you find anything as intense as the enthusiasm of Godzilla monster fans?


There is no other way to make use of such power, so there is a record that has Godzilla Freaks, who both admit to themselves, participate in the chorus.


The first attempt was Makoto Inoue’s “Godzilla Legend II” (see column 39 for “Godzilla Legend”). Here, the gathered fans are enthusiastically singing the “Sacred Mu Empire Destruction Anthem” based on the chorus song in the play “Atragon.” This was well received, and the fan chorus was incorporated in the sequel, “Godzilla Legend II”. The performance was the insert song “We are space pilots,” which is extremely popular with fans.

最近では、「ゴジラvsキングギドラ」の公開直前にビクター音産から発売された「A TRIBUTE TO GODZILLA」にファンがコーラスを担当した楽曲が収められている。ロックグループのACTIONとファン有志によって歌われたのは、ブルー・オイスター・カルトのヒット曲「ゴジラ」。これは、「VSキングギドラ」当時にゴジラのイベント用の着ぐるみが盗難にあうという事件があり、一日も早く返してほしいというアピールの意味も込められていた。録音が行われた青山のビクタースタジオには、薩摩剣八郎氏が演じるゴジラも応援に駆けつけて、大変な賑わいとなった。

Recently, the song “A TRIBUTE TO GODZILLA” released by Victor Entertainment just before the release of “Godzilla vs King Ghidorah” contains a song in which the fan was in charge of the chorus. Blue Oyster Cult’s hit song “Godzilla” was sung by rock group ACTION and fan volunteers. There was an incident in which Godzilla’s costume for an event was stolen at the time of “vs King Ghidorah,” and it was also meant to appeal for the return as soon as possible. At Victor Studio in Aoyama, where the recording was done, Godzilla, played by Kenpachiro Satsuma, also rushed to support, and the crowd was very lively.

Source: Encyclopedia of Godzilla, Gakken MOOK, p 167