The air is still buzzing on the facebook Godzilla pages over the recent release of the X-Plus Gigantic Series Yuji Sakai Godzilla 2000. It’s impressive and has lived up to our anticipation. The detail, color, and scale are just right adding a new prized possession to any Godzilla collector’s shelf. In the flurry of posts, a fellow collector’s delight to have a figure that corresponds with the millennium poster inspired me to recreate the poster. I had no intentions to do so because it never cross my mind as a possibility. But as soon as I saw his post, I was an immediate priority. After several hours of post-production work I’m proud of the finished product.

Godzilla 2000 Poster

As with previous posters, it’s impossible to match the original exactly and I think in that lies the charm. Like tokusatsu, the art imitates life but not exactly. Some differences are unavoidable. The X-Plus Godzilla’s pose does not exactly correspond with the original poster art. Some differences are by choice (eg, excluding of Godzilla’s white highlights). Here are the original posters for comparison.

Original Godzilla 2000 Poster Original Godzilla 2000 Poster

Conjuring the thoughts, memories, and imagination of the real McCoy is what I’m going for. I combined elements from the photography and illustrated theatrical posters to achieve this recreation. Taking the shot was simple and quick. But recreating the movie title was the most challenging and time consuming. But it was worth adding another to my poster collection.